Vaccines Revealed: Review of Episode 1

Vaccines Revealed is a 9-part docu-series providing a remedy for the government and mainstream media's failure to educate the public about vaccines.

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There’s a new 9-part docu-series called Vaccines Revealed that’s available to watch for free online right now. Episode 3 will air tonight at 9 pm ET. I’ve been highly anticipating this docu-series and was not disappointed with the first two episodes, which were highly educational. There’s a whole world of information about vaccines that the government and media not only aren’t telling us, but are intent on keeping us in the dark about. This docu-series so far is proving to be a great antidote.

Here’s a brief overview of episode one in case you missed it:

Andrew Wakefield

The first interview in the docu-series is with Andrew Wakefield. You already know who this is, even if you don’t realize it. He was the lead author of the infamous retracted 1998 Lancet paper (which merely acknowledged the hypothetical possibility of an association between vaccination and autism). You’ve been inundated with the government and mainstream media’s demonization of Wakefield, but have you ever heard his side of the story? If not, this is required viewing.

Some of the things he speaks about:

  • The power of maternal instinct and how science has tried to usurp it.
  • How the effect of toxins, including vaccine ingredients, is synergistic, meaning the combined effects are greater than the sum of their separate effects (e.g., aluminum may be more toxic in conjunction with other toxins than it would be by itself).
  • How much more effective it would be, including cost-wise, for the medical establishment to focus on nutrition and other natural ways to prevent and cure disease, but how this isn’t done because it would harm the profits of the pharmaceutical industry.
  • How vaccine manufacturers have been granted legal immunity by the government against damages caused by their products. (Learn more about this in my report “5 Horrifying Facts about the FDA Vaccine Approval Process“.)
  • How vaccine manufacturers conduct “placebo controlled studies” without using a placebo. (Learn more about this, too, in my report.)
  • How the government has compensated families with autistic children for vaccine injury.
  • How the autism epidemic is placing a huge financial burden on the economy.
  • Why doctors’ starting point ought to be listening to the mother, and how and why the tendency is to do just the opposite.
  • “If in doubt, examine the patient.” Such a simple and obvious approach to medicine, yet it isn’t practiced this way!
  • How doctors should act in the interests of their patients, not in the interests of government agencies or the pharmaceutical industry.
  • How he is suing the journalist Brian Deer along with the medical journal BMJ for defamation.
  • How the mumps vaccine has taken a mild childhood disease and turned it into a much more serious disease in young adults.
  • How a Merck employee blew the whistle and sparked a corruption investigation into the pharmaceutical company.
  • How the MMR vaccine was licensed in the UK based on data from a different product that didn’t contain the same strain of mumps, but a strain that had a known record of unsafety.
  • “They [public health officials in the UK] go out there and say this is a vaccine with an exemplary safety record. No, it’s not.”
  • Why there needs to be proper studies of health outcomes comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated populations.

Dr. Gary Goldman

Next, Dr. Toni Bark interviewed Dr. Gary Goldman, had worked with the CDC on data regarding the varicella (chicken pox) vaccine. Here are some highlights:

  • How the varicella vaccine has caused an increase in the rate of shingles (including in children, whereas it used to be only older people who weren’t around kids a lot who would get it).
  • How the CDC didn’t want to look at data for shingles rates in connection with the varicella vaccine, only the data for rates of chicken pox (for the simple and obvious reason that they could easily anticipate what they would find if they looked).
  • How being constantly exposed to chicken pox is precisely what keeps the population protected not only from chicken pox, but also from shingles, and how public policy has eliminated the natural boosting of the immune system from this frequent exposure.
  • How shingles has a much greater morbidity and mortality rate than chicken pox!
  • How he took the data on shingles and, despite objections by the government and attempts to stop him on the grounds that the data was “proprietary” to the public health department, got it published in the journal Vaccine.
  • How chicken pox was actually an important disease for the development of immunity on a societal level.
  • How gaining natural immunity against chicken pox also provides immunity against other viruses.
  • “A lot of people think of doctors as scientists. And I wish that were true… But it’s not.”
  • “Unfortunately, the vaccine policy has very little to do with the vaccine science.”

After Dr. Bark’s interview with that expert (wish I knew his name; if you know, please inform me in the comments!), it switched gears to her being the interviewee. Some of her key points:

  • How vaccine manufacturers don’t use placebos in their studies. (Again, more on that here.)
  • How the media won’t cover this issue because advertising dollars from Big Pharma is such a large source of their revenue.
  • How the Supreme Court has upheld legal immunity for vaccine manufacturers on the grounds they they fall under the legal classification of “unavoidably unsafe”. (Learn more.)
  • How this government intervention has removed the self-regulation of the market, i.e., how it removes the incentive to develop a better product to prevent disease.
  • How the influenza vaccine can cause Guillain-Barre syndrome (a paralytic disease; did you know FDR may have had Guillain-Barre, not polio?! She doesn’t mention that, but there’s a paper on it in the medical literature.)
  • How diseases like scurvy and tuberculosis were defeated not through vaccination but an increasing standard of living (e.g., better nutrition, sanitation, hygiene, etc.).
  • How much more cost effective it would be spending money in third world countries to improve the populations’ standard of living, like providing water treatment, rather than vaccine programs.
  • How the chicken pox vaccine has destroyed the natural herd immunity that protected against the more serious shingles disease.
  • How the vaccine ingredient polysorbate 80 helps breach the blood-brain barrier, allowing viruses, mercury, aluminum, and other toxins to enter the brain.
  • How chronic stimulation of the immune system in the brain is a cause of autism.
  • How the burden of proof has shifted away from Big Pharma to prove that their product is safe onto the public to prove that it’s dangerous.


This was an awesome start to what looks to be a phenomenal docu-series.

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