Vaccines Revealed is a 9-part docu-series providing a remedy for the government and mainstream media's failure to educate the public about vaccines.

Vaccines Revealed is a 9-part docu-series featuring interviews with leading voices for sanity on this issue. I’ve watched the whole thing and found it a highly educational and valuable resource. There’s a whole world of information about vaccines that the government and media not only aren’t telling us, but are intent on keeping us in the dark about. This docu-series is a great antidote.

Episode 7 featured interviews with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Patrick Gentempo, and Dr. Gayle DeLong.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

  • How the influenza vaccine has been associated with Guillain Barre syndrome, among other things, and how the Cochrane Collection has reviewed the literature and found thin evidence for its effectiveness.
  • How even assuming the vaccine was effective against the specific flu strains it targets, it would only be effective maybe 16% of the time (since most flu-like symptoms are not even caused by the influenza virus).
  • How the flu vaccine can make you more susceptible to strains of influenza not included among the few strains it is intended to target.
  • How hospitals are threatened with a decrease in Medicare reimbursements if they don’t maintain a high vaccination rate among employees.
  • How the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) is a “kangaroo court” and “a setup”.
  • How many (if not most) doctors don’t even know about the VICP, and most adverse events aren’t reported.
  • How she regrets once having had a father arrested for “shaken baby syndrome”, before she learned more about the potential for harm and even death from vaccinations.
  • How most doctors don’t search for the truth because they couldn’t bring themselves to face the possibility that for all those years they might have been harming all those children.
  • How “doctors are turning out to be nothing more than glorified drug reps”.
  • How the entire vaccine industry needs to go the way of bloodletting.
  • How the death rate at the time the measles vaccine was introduced was three in ten-million (not the one in one-thousand they cite to scare people into vaccinating).
  • How TH1 differs from TH2 immunity (cell-mediated versus humoral immune systems).
  • How antibodies are used as a surrogate measure of immunity, but don’t necessarily confer immunity.
  • How it wasn’t the vaccines that eradicated smallpox globally and polio in the US.
  • How they changed the criteria for diagnosing polio, which made it appear as though the vaccine was causing the reduced incidence.
  • How the virus isn’t the disease! (A point Dr. Toni Bark, the interviewer, interjects.)
  • How the industry has hijacked the term “herd immunity” to distort it from its original meaning, which referred to naturally acquired immunity.

Dr. Patrick Gentempo

  • How the vaccine issue is an issue of human rights, but and how public policy violates individual rights.
  • How the rationale behind public policy with respect to the risks from vaccines is that some individuals must be sacrificed for the greater good.
  • How professionals succumb to the herd mentality rather than thinking for themselves.
  • How the vaccine issue comes doown to the simple question of whether you believe in the right to informed consent.

Dr. Gayle DeLong

  • How her two daughters were injured by vaccines.
  • How government agencies are riddled with conflicts of interest.
  • How she did a study finding that vaccination rates are associated with a higher incidence of autism or speech delay.

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