Vaccines Revealed: Review of Episode 8

Vaccines Revealed is a 9-part docu-series providing a remedy for the government and mainstream media's failure to educate the public about vaccines.

Vaccines Revealed is a 9-part docu-series featuring interviews with leading voices for sanity on this issue. I’ve watched the whole thing and found it a highly educational and valuable resource. There’s a whole world of information about vaccines that the government and media not only aren’t telling us, but are intent on keeping us in the dark about. This docu-series is a great antidote.

Episode 8 featured part three of Dr. Patrick Gentempo’s interview with Brian Hooker. Following that, they aired the full documentary Trace Amounts (which I won’t review here), about the use of a mercury-containing preservative (thimerosal) in vaccines.

Brian Hooker

  • How one of the CDC’s own studies found that children with higher exposure from Thimerosal had a higher risk for tics than children with lower exposure — but how they didn’t include a control group that had no exposure at all, which likely would have made the statistically significant difference even more profound.
  • How two additional CDC studies found an association between Thimerosal and tics.
  • How William Thompson tried to alert his higher ups at the CDC of what the data was showing with respect to adverse outcomes associated with Thimerosal, but he was shut down. The head of the CDC at the time was Dr. Julie Gerberding, who later became President of Merck’s vaccine division.
  • How the CDC purchases over $4 billion in vaccines annually, redistributing them to the state public health departments for and getting reimbursed — and how if vaccination rates fall, the CDC loses money.

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