Vaccines Revealed: Review of Episode 9

Vaccines Revealed is a 9-part docu-series providing a remedy for the government and mainstream media's failure to educate the public about vaccines.

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Vaccines Revealed is a 9-part docu-series featuring interviews with leading voices for sanity on this issue. I’ve watched the whole thing and found it a highly educational and valuable resource. There’s a whole world of information about vaccines that the government and media not only aren’t telling us, but are intent on keeping us in the dark about. This docu-series is a great antidote.

Episode 9 features interviews with Sayer Ji (part 3), Brian Hooker (part 3), Dr. Heather Wolfson and Dr. Jack Wolfson, and Dr. Dan Pompa.

Sayer Ji

  • How if a mercury-containing fluorescent light bulb breaks, someone is supposed to go in with a hazmat suit to clean it up, yet mercury in vaccines is nothing to worry about? How we don’t need clinical trial validation to know that injecting Thimerosal (a preservative that’s half ethylmercury by weight) into babies just doesn’t make sense.
  • How we’ve “all been under the spell of biomedical illusion that we need these vaccines and we need these chemicals to improve on immunity because of course, God, nature — whatever metaphor we use — went terribly wrong and we need the vaccines to save us even if they contain these toxic metals.”
  • How as they phased out Thimerosal from most vaccines, they increased the aluminum content.
  • How there’s no medical justification for its use; using aluminum as an adjuvant to boost the immune response instead of more of the targeted antigen saves the vaccine manufacturers money.
  • How natural exposure to HPV viruses provides a protective effect against cervical cancer.
  • How there’s never been a single study showing that even a single case of cervical cancer has been prevented by the HPV vaccine.

Brian Hooker

  • How the HPV vaccine Gardisil has a very high aluminum content and is being given to children as young as 9 years old.
  • “Aluminum does not belong in the human body.”
  • How despite the highest number of adverse event reporting of any vaccine, instead of pulling it off the market, they want to start giving it to children at birth.
  • How aluminum adjuvant causes autoimmunity.
  • How manufacturers use adjuvants because it saves them money.
  • How government officials are trying to apply more strict mandates that all children be vaccinated.
  • How the American Academy of Pediatricians (AA) is underwritten by the vaccine industry.
  • How with a flu shot, you’re getting 25 micrograms of mercury, which is on the scale of parts per million, whereas in drinking water the safety limit is two parts per billion (with a “b”); you’re getting about 25,000 times more than that limit.
  • How the DTaP vaccine contains aluminum, but is given concomitantly with the flu shot, and the aluminum increases the toxicity of the mercury.

Dr. Heather Wolfson and Dr. Jack Wolfson

  • How doctors don’t study vaccines, they are just taught to accept them as medical dogma.
  • How instead of building up our natural immunity, policy is focused on destroying it with vaccines.
  • How vaccines always cause damage, even if the effects of that damage don’t become symptomatic until many years later.
  • How natural childhood infections lower the risk of cardiac disease and heart attacks.
  • How we need to be exposed to pathogens in order to build strong immune systems and prevent diseases down the road.
  • How the HPV vaccine makes no medical sense coming with such risk for an unproven benefit.
  • How the safety and potential consequences of 69 doses of 16 vaccines has never been studied. “We are the experiment.”
  • Why giving acetometophin (Tylenol) to kids who develop a fever from a vaccine only does more harm.
  • How important it is to educate yourself to be able to speak clearly and persuasively on this subject for the good of our children.

Dr. Dan Pompa

  • How he came to be mercury poisoned. He describes himself as “autistic in an adult body” during that time.
  • How vaccines cause autoimmunity.
  • Why a detox program needs to detox at the cellular level to eliminate these toxins.
  • How glyphosate from Roundup allows toxins like mercury and aluminum to cross the blood brain barrier and penetrate deeper into the brain.
  • It also affects the microbiome and breaks down the gut barrier.
  • How the HepB vaccine has 200 times the amount of aluminum they consider safe when giving a baby an IV.
  • The importance of eating fats to restore the function of cell membranes; getting the body into ketosis where it burns fat for energy.
  • How eliminating grains can reduce inflammation.

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