Vaccines Revealed: Review of Episode 10

Vaccines Revealed is a 9-part docu-series providing a remedy for the government and mainstream media's failure to educate the public about vaccines.

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Vaccines Revealed is a 9-part docu-series featuring interviews with leading voices for sanity on this issue. I’ve watched the whole thing and found it a highly educational and valuable resource. There’s a whole world of information about vaccines that the government and media not only aren’t telling us, but are intent on keeping us in the dark about. This docu-series is a great antidote.

Episode 10 features features Diane Harper, who was a lead investigator for HPV vaccine clinical trials for Merck; part 4 of Dr. Patrick Gentempo’s interview with Sayer Ji; Barbara Loe Fisher, Co-Founder and President of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC); Dr. Terry Wahls; and Dina Check, mother of Olivia and Mary; and Patricia Finn, Esq., a civil rights attorney.

Diane Harper

  • How Merck got away with advertising its Gardasil vaccine as though it had been proven in clinical trials to prevent cervical cancer.
  • How the target antigen (that virus or bacteria the vaccine is designed to prevent the disease of) won’t get the vaccine companies the desired antibody level they need to gain FDA approval, so they need to use an adjuvant like aluminum, a known neurotoxin, to stimulate a stronger immune response so they can get their product to market.
  • How the FDA agreed that clinical trials should compare subjects given antigen plus adjuvant with subjects given adjuvant alone to determine whether the antigen was stimulating an antibody response. “So in the negotiation process, the safety of the adjuvant was not a consideration.”
  • How doctors should be educating women so they have properly informed consent prior to receiving the HPV, but instead, women are getting the shot and coming away thinking they won’t need to continue pap smear screening.
  • How 1 in 10,000 die or are seriously injured from the Gardisil vaccine, while it’s 7 per 100,000 women who get cervical cancer despite routine pap smears, so the risk of being killed by or injured from the vaccine is greater than the risk of getting the cancer the vaccine is advertised as being able to prevent.
  • How whether to get the HPV vaccine or not is a matter of personal choice and comes down to: “Do you play the lottery, or don’t you play the lottery.”
  • How vaccines contain foreign DNA and how the effect this might have on the body and what kind of damage it could cause is “an area of study that we haven’t looked at very closely.”
  • Q: “Do we have any evidence to say that injecting HPV DNA directly into the bloodstream is safe?” A: “No.”
  • How pap smear screening rates are so much lower among those who receive the HPV vaccine that getting the shot could theoretically be associated with an increase in the risk of getting cervical cancer.

Sayer Ji

  • “We’re at a point in history now where non-compliance is equated to a violent act toward others in society.”
  • If vaccines work so well, why are so many of those who choose to get vaccines so afraid of those who choose not to?
  • How the theory of vaccine-induced herd immunity with respect to the measles vaccine has been disproven.
  • How pharmaceutical companies and public health officials use fear as a marketing tactic to sell more vaccines: “The virus of fear is really the pathogen that’s infecting people.”
  • How public policy is “defining my body and my children’s body as ‘property of the state’.”
  • How we are at a point where the next step will be accusing parents who don’t vaccinate their children of child abuse, taking their children from them, and forcibly vaccinating them; hence the critical need for the public to become better educated about what science really has to say about vaccines.
  • How the placebo in placebo-controlled trials represents the body’s ability to heal itself.

Barbara Loe Fisher

  • How she didn’t recognize her son’s symptoms as an adverse event from the vaccine at first because she had never been taught to recognize vaccine injury. It wasn’t until she watched a documentary called “DPT Roulette” that she realized what had happened to her son.
  • How in Tennessee, there were a high rate of deaths and injuries from the a bad lot of the DPT vaccine, so the decision was made to disperse lots rather than sending a lot all to one place.
  • How the vaccine manufacturers threatened to withdraw their products from the US market if they weren’t granted legal immunity to protect them from vaccine injury lawsuits.
  • How doctors are legally required to provide informed consent and report adverse events, but they don’t even know how to report vaccine injuries and most who do report them report them not to the government, to the vaccine companies.
  • How doctors do not want to acknowledge that something they’ve done intending to help a child might have ended up damaging the child.
  • How the CDC schedule now calls for 69 doses of 16 vaccines starting on the first day of birth, with 49 of those doses given before the age of 6.
  • “Their immune systems are developing in a very different way today than they did when they were being given far fewer vaccines.”
  • How at the same time we’ve tripled the doses of vaccines, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in chronic illnesses and disabilities: 1 in 6 is learning disabled, 1 in 9 has asthma, 1 in 50 is diagnosed with autism, and 1 in 400 has diabetes.
  • How the US gives more doses of vaccines than any other country, and why a study to determine whether there is a correlation between number of vaccine doses given and rates of autism per country would be valuable.
  • How children who’ve previously shown adverse reactions to vaccines are excluded from safety studies, along with children who might have a genetic predisposition (i.e., family history of certain illnesses or disabilities) to adverse reactions to vaccines.
  • And yet how, when giving children vaccines, these same criteria that excluded children from the clinical trials are not considered contraindications to vaccination.
  • How in Virginia, there’s a law that outlaws the doctor-patient relationship: it is illegal for doctors to grant medical exemptions to patients without the approval of a state bureaucracy.
  • How public vaccine policy remains a one-size-fits-all approach that lays the genetically susceptible on the sacrificial altar, and how this is not a moral policy.
  • “My duty is not to sacrifice my child on the altar of vaccination because doctors are not going to acknowledge that my child may be at high risk.”
  • “When they make the argument that ‘for the greater good,everyone must get vaccinated’, they are discriminating against those people who have biological susceptibility to having a vaccine reaction, injury or death.”
  • How the NVIC accurately predicted that a consequence of mass vaccination with the varicella (chicken pox) vaccine would be an increase in the rate of shingles, a much more serious disease with higher risks of complications than childhood chicken pox.
  • How Merck then developed a shingles vaccine to “solve” the problem it created with its varicella vaccine.
  • How the scientific community doesn’t yet fully understand how our immune system works (indeed, they are only really just beginning to).
  • How hot only government is mandating vaccines, but health insurance companies are beginning to mandate it, as well, so you won’t be able to get insurance if you aren’t up to date with the CDC’s vaccine schedule.
  • How health care workers, even if pregnant, are being forced to get vaccines or lose their jobs.
  • How “The federal government is in an actual business partnership with the pharmaceutical industry.”
  • How the pharmaceutical companies can pay the FDA to “fast track” their products.
  • How public policy is based on “an ideological commitment”. It’s based on faith, not science.
  • How simply reserving the right to informed consent is deemed a radical position by the media.

Dr. Terry Wahls

  • How she used to share the conventional thinking and considered investment in alternative therapies to be a waste of resources.
  • But how she was diagnosed with MS and began studying how to heal herself, then did so in large part through diet.
  • So now she does this “radical thing”: she asks her patients what they are eating!
  • How populations exposed to more pathogens during childhood have less autoimmune disease (the hygiene hypothesis).
  • How there is reason to be optimistic as more and more people are waking up and educating themselves about vaccines.

Dina Check

  • How she let societal pressures overcome her maternal instinct that it was the vaccines damaging her daughter.
  • How she reached the point after following a doctor’s bad advice for the last time (insisting on giving her an antibiotic, in that case) that she thought: that’s it, no more doctors. From then on, she was going to take responsibility for her daughters health.
  • How mothers of vaccine injured children should be respected, but they’re not; “they’re thrown to the side”.
  • How there have been instances of children being taken away from their parents for not vaccinating.
  • How most parents don’t even know what ingredients are in vaccines.

Patricia Finn, Esq.

  • How in some states, like New York, having a potential genetic susceptibility to vaccine injury is not sufficient to get a medical exemption; you have to have had a shot and already been injured to get an exemption.
  • How in Jacobson vs. Massachusetts (1905), the Supreme Court held that under a police power the government can force you to vaccinate.
  • How vaccine mandates violate due process.
  • How the support of the community is what kept her going through the attacks she faced for pursuing human rights through the courts on the issue of vaccination.
  • “Don’t mess with a mama bear’s cubs!”

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