I had the pleasure of speaking with Stacy Walsh of the & then write podcast about how to get more done in less time. I speak in this interview in terms of being a writer needing (a) to be able to make time to do what I am passionate about doing, and (b) to ensure that when I am working on creating content that I am able to focus on doing so without physical or mental distraction.

I tell a bit of my own story and some of the major struggles I’ve had as a writer, and how I’ve overcome them by developing systems and methods to maximize my efficiency and productivity. This includes not only systematizing my management of tasks and projects, but also developing methods for managing stress and making sure to prioritize other areas of my life, like spending time with my wife and son and maintaining good health.

You don’t have to be a writer to get something out of our discussion. We swap tips as writers, but whatever your creative endeavors or productive labors, I think you’ll find inspiration and motivation as well as actionable tips that will help you achieve your own goals in life.

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Everything I discuss is related to the first step of my “10-Step Formula for Effective Writing”, which is the systematized method I’ve developed for creating content that’s at the core of my writing coaching program, which you’ll hear me also discuss briefly with Stacy. (While the actual writing process is at the core of my program, it goes well beyond that, including training in skills like how to make your content findable in relevant Google searches.) My program is designed to help independent journalists, bloggers, academics, and other writers of non-fiction to communicate their ideas more effectively and make their voices heard.

Learn more about my writing coaching program by clicking here.

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