Interview: Science vs. the Vaccine Religion, Part 2

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In this follow-up interview, I further discuss the disparity between public relations messaging about vaccines and the science.

Last month, I was interviewed by Nate the Voluntaryist about vaccines, and I focused on how the dogmatic proclamations about vaccines we’re constantly inundated with by the government and mainstream media differ from the science. This month, Nate had me back on again to continue that discussion. Here are topics we covered in this follow-up episode of his podcast:

  • The role of the FDA and why the assumption that if the FDA approves a vaccine for market, therefore it must have been shown to be safe and effective is false
  • Why prelicensure safety studies are woefully inadequate
  • Why postlicensure observational and surveillance data are totally inadequate and no substitute for proper safety studies
  • Why if the flu shot manufacturers made the same claims about safety and effectiveness for pregnant women as the CDC, they could be sued for fraud
  • How the studies the CDC has relied on to support its claim that flu shots greatly reduce mortality among the elderly have been totally discredited by other researchers
  • How the CDC’s routine childhood vaccine schedule as a whole has never been studied for safety and therefore we have no idea what the effects are on children’s immune systems and health
  • How the studies that would be required to determine whether there is a causal association between vaccines and autism have not been done
  • How Congressman Dan Burton questioned the FDA’s Dr. Karen Midthun years ago about Thimerosal in vaccines and got her to admit that “we don’t know one way or the other” whether mercury in vaccines can cause autism or other neurodevelopmental harms, but how she nevertheless at the same time insisted that it is “safe and effective — an illustration of the kind of cognitive dissonance suffered by adherents to the vaccine religion
  • How the FDA allows Merck to advertise its HPV vaccine Gardasil as effective against cervical cancer despite prelicensure trials not even having been designed to determine whether the vaccine reduces the risk of cancer
  • How doctors tend to just obey marching orders by encouraging adherence to the CDC vaccine recommendations without questioning or seriously researching vaccines on their own
  • How institutionalized biases exist that perpetuate the dogmatic view that “vaccines are safe and effective”
  • How parents are coerced into vaccinating their children in violation of the right to informed consent
  • How in addition to bombarding the public with vaccine propaganda, efforts are underway to actively censor any information, no matter how factual, that might lead parents to conclude that strictly complying with the CDC’s recommendations would not be in the best interests of their children
  • How the greatest purveyors of misinformation about vaccines are the government and mainstream media, yet there are no efforts to censor misinformation as long as it tows the official line
  • How what most people know about vaccines is from public relations marketing messages, which contrasts starkly with what the science actually tells us
  • Why the mass vaccination for measles was adopted as public health policy in 1962 despite the admission that it was generally a benign infection in children with low mortality, and how public health officials implemented that failed policy on the basis of faith, not science
  • Why the clinical trials underway for COVID-19 vaccines right now will not be adequate to determine vaccine safety
  • How the candidate mRNA COVID-19 vaccine differs from traditional vaccine technology
  • How efforts to develop a SARS vaccine ran into the problem of “antibody dependent enhancement” that increased the risk of severe disease
  • Why it’s necessary to do your own research and do your own thinking when it comes to making choices about whether to vaccinate

Watch the discussion now.

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About Jeremy R. Hammond

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Download my free report 5 Horrifying Facts about the FDA Vaccine Approval Process.

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