Interview: Public Vaccine Policy Is a Mass Experiment

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In this interview, I discuss how public vaccine policy treats the entire population as subjects of a mass uncontrolled experiment.

Recently, I was interviewed for the Unshackled Liberty podcast about the topic of vaccines. I explained some of the fundamental problems with public vaccine policy and policymakers’ underlying assumption that vaccines are a one-size-fits-all solution to disease prevention. The discussion naturally segued into a focus on the efforts underway to develop COVID-19 vaccines and why the idea that any such vaccine that gets FDA approval will have been shown to be “safe” is ludicrous.

I joined the discussion at about the 5 minute 40 second mark. Here are some of the topics we covered:

  • How I got started doing journalism, and how I got started in researching the topic of vaccines
  • Why I am not an “anti-vaxxer”; I am just not an adherent to the vaccine religion
  • How the studies the CDC has relied on to support its claim that the flu shot greatly reduces mortality among the elderly have been totally discredited by the scientific community
  • The problem of “healthy user” selection bias in observational studies
  • How the New York Times lies about what the science says about flu shot safety and effectiveness
  • How you can debunk CDC claims about vaccine safety and effectiveness by examining its own cited sources
  • How public health officials are not worthy of our trust
  • How throughout the 1990s the CDC’s routine childhood vaccine schedule exposed children to cumulative levels of mercury that exceeded the government’s own safety guidelines
  • How the CDC’s argument that the ethylmercury in vaccines, unlike methylmercury in fish, is not toxic and is rapidly eliminated from the body is contradicted by its own cited sources
  • How the idea that injecting known neurotoxins into the body is the way to good health defies common sense
  • Why mercury and aluminum are used in vaccines
  • The problem with the FDA using antibody titers as a surrogate measure of immunity for the purposes of vaccine licensure
  • How the sources cited by the CDC to support its claim that science has proven that “Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism” contradict that claim
  • How the government has shifted the financial burden for vaccine injuries away from Big Pharma and onto the taxpaying consumers
  • How the CDC’s own director of immunization safety has acknowledged the possibility that vaccines might cause autism in genetically susceptible individuals, but that the problem is we just don’t know who those individuals might be
  • How a 2015 study touted by the media as once again proving that the MMR vaccine does not cause autism actually showed the problem with relying on observational studies because it demonstrated a selection bias in which children more likely to develop autism are disproportionately pooled into the “unvaccinated” group
  • What “non-specific effects” of vaccines are and why prelicensure trials are insufficient to determine long-term harms of vaccination
  • How the DTP vaccine has been associated with an increased rate of childhood mortality
  • How policymakers fail to consider the opportunity costs of vaccination
  • How surviving measles confers a survival benefit for children that outweighs deaths from acute measles infection in populations with low measles mortality (like the US and other developed countries)
  • How mass measles vaccination has shifted the risk burden away onto the most vulnerable members of society in the event of exposure
  • How the CDC and the rest of the medical establishment has utterly failed in their proclaimed mission to better public health by preventing disease
  • How attempts to develop a SARS vaccine were challenged by a phenomenon called “antibody dependent enhancement” by which vaccinated animals were at an increased risk of severe disease and death
  • Why the dengue fever vaccine rolled out in the Philippines was withdrawn, and how its rollout treated the entire childhood population as subjects of a mass uncontrolled experiment without informed consent
  • How the WHO has sponsored a malaria vaccine trial in African children without parents being informed that existing data showed it to be associated with an increased risk of death, particularly among girls
  • The role of Bill Gates and his belief that vaccines can help reduce the rate of growth in the human population (from a non-conspiratorial point of view)
  • How the openly stated endgame of the extreme “lockdown” measures has always been mass vaccination
  • Why health freedom advocates should refrain from legitimizing lockdown advocates’ accusation that lockdown opponents are spreading “conspiracy theories”
  • How scientists are not immune to groupthink, and how the idea that the science on vaccines is “settled” is ludicrous, as anyone willing to research the medical literature can easily see for themselves

Listen to the full interview now.

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About Jeremy R. Hammond

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Download my free report 5 Horrifying Facts about the FDA Vaccine Approval Process.

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