ENV RD-10 EMF Meter (RF – LFM – LFE), with PC & Android Connection

I purchased the ENV RD-10 after researching options based on these criteria: (1) inexpensive yet still capable of detecting three types of EMF radiation (RF, LFM, and LFE); (2) easy to use and small so it’s convenient to carry and store; (3) recommended by people who test EMF meters and highly rated by Amazon customers. The meter can be used with software to measure and record data over time, and you can even export and import a data file into Google Earth to view mapped measurements.

Amazon.com Price: $189.95 (as of 08/10/2020 01:50 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

Product Details

From the Manufacturer

The ENV RD-10 is a simple to use and affordable EMF meter (includes 3 meters in one) that can measure EMF intensity from a very wide range of devices such as cell towers, mobile phones, smart meters, Wi-Fi routers, microwave ovens, various cordless devices, magnetic and electric fields from power lines, fuse boxes, home appliances and much more. This device can find the hot spots in your home and help determine a suitable solution. It was designed having high sensitivity in order to assist EMF sensitive people; allowing to monitor the environment constantly.

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