The Rejection of Palestinian Self-Determination

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“Excellent short work on the founding of Israel via the wholesale violation of the rights of Palestinians. This is the book to give to people who ask what’s at the root of Middle East strife. Highly recommended!”

Sheldon Richman

Former Editor of The Freeman and Author


An overview of the crucial period from the rise of the Zionist movement until the creation of the state of Israel, examining how the seeds of the continuing conflict in the Middle East between Jews and Arabs were sown during this time. It sets out to show, by examining principle historical documents and placing key events in proper context, that the root of today’s conflict is the rejection of the right to self-determination for the Arab Palestinians.

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“A Must Read on This Subject – Makes its case with clarity and economy. A pleasure to read, and quite convincing in its thesis about the origin of Israel.”

Gene Epstein

Economics & Books Editor, Barron's

You have questions.


Have Jewish and Arab communities in Palestine always been in conflict?


What was Zionism, and how did it impact the region?


What was Britain’s role under the League of Nations’ Palestine Mandate?


What was the famous “Balfour Declaration”?


What was the UN partition plan, and why did the Arabs reject it?


How did Israel actually come into existence?


What is the root cause of the conflict, and why has it persisted for so long?

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“Essential reading…. It is clearly written, providing a succinct summary of the various letters, documents, and committees that worked on the cause of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. For anyway considering arguments about the Palestinian-Israeli problem, this work should become a necessary short primer into the double standards used to reject Palestinian democracy.”

Jim Miles

Palestine Chronicle


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