Vaccines Revealed

I n January, 2017, a 9-part docu-series called Vaccines Revealed was released for free online viewing. I watched and commented live about the series premiere in a private Facebook community I host, highlighting for others what I felt were key takeaway points. You can view my highlights from each episode below.

Vaccines Revealed consists of a series of interviews with researchers and medical professionals who question public vaccine policy and challenge official dogma about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. There’s a whole world of information about vaccines that the government and mainstream media not only aren’t telling us, but are intent on keeping us in the dark about. This docu-series is a great antidote.

Episode 1

Featured interviews:

  • Dr. Andrew Wakefield
  • Dr. Gary Goldman
  • Dr. Toni Bark

Andrew Wakefield

The first interview in the docu-series is with Andrew Wakefield. You already know who this is, even if you don’t realize it. He was the lead author of the infamous retracted 1998 Lancet paper (which merely acknowledged the hypothetical possibility of an association between vaccination and autism). You’ve been inundated with the government and mainstream media’s demonization of Wakefield, but have you ever heard his side of the story? If not, this is required viewing. (See also my article here about how the media routinely lie about this study.)

Some of the things he speaks about:

  • The power of maternal instinct and how science has tried to usurp it.
  • How the effect of toxins, including vaccine ingredients, is synergistic, meaning the combined effects are greater than the sum of their separate effects (e.g., aluminum may be more toxic in conjunction with other toxins than it would be by itself).
  • How much more effective it would be, including cost-wise, for the medical establishment to focus on nutrition and other natural ways to prevent and cure disease, but how this isn’t done because it would harm the profits of the pharmaceutical industry.
  • How vaccine manufacturers have been granted legal immunity by the government against damages caused by their products. (Learn more about this in my report “5 Horrifying Facts about the FDA Vaccine Approval Process“.)
  • How vaccine manufacturers conduct “placebo controlled studies” without using a placebo. (Learn more about this, too, in my report.)
  • How the government has compensated families with autistic children for vaccine injury.
  • How the autism epidemic is placing a huge financial burden on the economy.
  • Why doctors’ starting point ought to be listening to the mother, and how and why the tendency is to do just the opposite.
  • “If in doubt, examine the patient.” Such a simple and obvious approach to medicine, yet it isn’t practiced this way!
  • How doctors should act in the interests of their patients, not in the interests of government agencies or the pharmaceutical industry.
  • How he is suing the journalist Brian Deer along with the medical journal BMJ for defamation.
  • How the mumps vaccine has taken a mild childhood disease and turned it into a much more serious disease in young adults.
  • How a Merck employee blew the whistle and sparked a corruption investigation into the pharmaceutical company.
  • How the MMR vaccine was licensed in the UK based on data from a different product that didn’t contain the same strain of mumps, but a strain that had a known record of unsafety.
  • “They [public health officials in the UK] go out there and say this is a vaccine with an exemplary safety record. No, it’s not.”
  • Why there needs to be proper studies of health outcomes comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated populations.

Dr. Gary Goldman

Next, Dr. Toni Bark interviewed Dr. Gary Goldman, had worked with the CDC on data regarding the varicella (chicken pox) vaccine. Here are some highlights:

  • How the varicella vaccine has caused an increase in the rate of shingles (including in children, whereas it used to be only older people who weren’t around kids a lot who would get it).
  • How the CDC didn’t want to look at data for shingles rates in connection with the varicella vaccine, only the data for rates of chicken pox (for the simple and obvious reason that they could easily anticipate what they would find if they looked).
  • How being constantly exposed to chicken pox is precisely what keeps the population protected not only from chicken pox, but also from shingles, and how public policy has eliminated the natural boosting of the immune system from this frequent exposure.
  • How shingles has a much greater morbidity and mortality rate than chicken pox!
  • How he took the data on shingles and, despite objections by the government and attempts to stop him on the grounds that the data was “proprietary” to the public health department, got it published in the journal Vaccine.
  • How chicken pox was actually an important disease for the development of immunity on a societal level.
  • How gaining natural immunity against chicken pox also provides immunity against other viruses.
  • “A lot of people think of doctors as scientists. And I wish that were true… But it’s not.”
  • “Unfortunately, the vaccine policy has very little to do with the vaccine science.”

Dr. Toni Bark

After Dr. Bark’s interview with Dr. Goldman, it switched gears to her being the interviewee. Some of her key points:

  • How vaccine manufacturers don’t use placebos in their studies. (Again, more on that here.)
  • How the media won’t cover this issue because advertising dollars from Big Pharma is such a large source of their revenue.
  • How the Supreme Court has upheld legal immunity for vaccine manufacturers on the grounds they they fall under the legal classification of “unavoidably unsafe”. (Learn more.)
  • How this government intervention has removed the self-regulation of the market, i.e., how it removes the incentive to develop a better product to prevent disease.
  • How the influenza vaccine can cause Guillain-Barre syndrome (a paralytic disease; did you know FDR may have had Guillain-Barre, not polio?! She doesn’t mention that, but there’s a paper on it in the medical literature.)
  • How diseases like scurvy and tuberculosis were defeated not through vaccination but an increasing standard of living (e.g., better nutrition, sanitation, hygiene, etc.).
  • How much more cost effective it would be spending money in third world countries to improve the populations’ standard of living, like providing water treatment, rather than vaccine programs.
  • How the chicken pox vaccine has destroyed the natural herd immunity that protected against the more serious shingles disease.
  • How the vaccine ingredient polysorbate 80 helps breach the blood-brain barrier, allowing viruses, mercury, aluminum, and other toxins to enter the brain.
  • How chronic stimulation of the immune system in the brain is a cause of autism.
  • How the burden of proof has shifted away from Big Pharma to prove that their product is safe onto the public to prove that it’s dangerous.

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Episode 2

Featured interviews:

  • Dr. Suzanne Humphries
  • Sayer Ji (Part 1)
  • Mary Holland

Dr. Suzanne Humphries

The first interview of Episode 2 is with Dr. Suzanne Humphries, author of Dissolving Illusions and Rising from the Dead. She discusses:

  • How the oral polio vaccine was contaminated with a monkey virus (SV40), which later studies have shown is associated with an increased risk of certain kinds of cancer.
  • Why “The more vaccines we use, the more vaccines we need.”
  • How public vaccine policy has resulted in women being unable to provide the same level of protection for their infants through their breastmilk (which contains maternal antibodies) as they would if unvaccinated.
  • “There is nothing in a vaccine that is biologically necessary. It doesn’t fortify us.” Vitamins, on the other hand, do. So why doesn’t the medical establishment focus on fortifying our bodies to build a strong immune system instead of injecting us with toxins to try to stimulate an immune response?  “Well, how much money can you make selling vitamin C?”
  • How it was increasing standard of living, not vaccines, that resulted in the eradication of numerous diseases.
  • How the Cochrane Collection (a independent organization that conducts reviews of the medical literature) has criticized public policy on flu vaccination because there’s no evidence it’s effective, but you never hear this in the media.
  • Why the flu vaccine make you more susceptible to influenza viruses.
  • How clinical trials determine “efficacy” based on antibody production — which is a fallacious measure — and how real studies would look (if they were conducted).
  • How the immune response induced by vaccination is not the same as the immune response induced by natural exposure: “A vaccine doesn’t make the immune system stronger. It makes it work harder so it can’t be doing other things.”
  • How scientists are only just beginning to understand how the immune system works.
  • How with smallpox it was communities with higher rates of vaccination that had experienced more epidemics of the disease.
  • How infants’ immune systems starts developing before birth, and how birthing is done in the medical system and the risks it imposes vs. how it should be done: naturally.
  • The importance of beneficial bacteria to our immune system.
  • How antibiotics destroy the beneficial gut bacteria when doctors could just be using vitamin C to treat whooping cough.

Sayer Ji

Sayer Ji is the founder of and a brilliant guy with an incredible knowledge about vaccines and the science underlying this practice. He discusses:

  • His personal story of how he became involved in this issue (including how he was vaccine injured as a child).
  • How we’re told that science has proven that vaccines are safe and effective, when in fact the medical literature is full of research showing just the opposite.
  • How the Cochrane Collection consistently reports that the studies don’t show that the flu vaccine is safe and effective.
  • How vaccine manufacturers have legal immunity because the risks is their products is so high they can’t get insurance, so the government effectively insured them to be able to sustain its public vaccine policy.
  • How Paul Offit, a vaccine industry insider regularly cited by the media as though an impartial expert, once said it would be totally safe to inject a baby with 10,000 vaccines at once!
  • How the science upholding public policy doesn’t consider the critical fact that each ingredient in the vaccine, apart from the virus or bacteria it is designed to prevent the disease of, is itself an antigen.
  • How vaccines were invented when medicine knew next to nothing about how the immune system works, and why the fundamental theory behind vaccination is entirely fallacious. “It’s absurd.” (Sayer articulates this point very well.)
  • How vaccinating bypasses the innate immune system to try to simulate an antibody response.
  • How vaccines are associated with all kinds of autoimmune diseases.
  • The important difference between humoral immunity (i.e., an antibody response, which vaccines try to simulate) and cell-mediated immunity (which you gain from natural infection in addition to antibody development).
  • How an antibody response isn’t even necessary to gain immunity. (Such an important point!)
  • How there was never a study showing that even one case of cervical cancer was prevented by the HPV vaccine, yet the FDA licensed it and allowed it to be marketed as thought this had been proved.

Mary Holland

Mary Holland rounds out Episode 2 with a discussion of numerous legal issues related to vaccines, including the legal immunity government has granted to vaccine manufacturers in order to sustain public vaccine policy. She discusses:

  • How there is a lack of a proper debate over this subject because it is so polarizing.
  • How government insists on one hand that vaccines are safe and effective while on the other classifying them legally as “unavoidably unsafe”.
  • How anyone who challenges the safety and efficacy of vaccines is “challenging orthodoxy”.
  • How the federal “vaccine court” — the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) — is set up sot that to get awarded for vaccine damages, you have to successfully sue not the manufacturer, but the government, which legally represents itself.
  • How the burden of proof has been shifted legally from vaccine manufacturers having to prove their products are safe to the public having to prove they cause harm.
  • How numerous vaccines that used to be on the market (also touted then as safe and effective, of course) are no longer are because they proved to be so dangerous.
  • How we’re told over and over that science has proved vaccines safe when in fact there’s an absence of studies in the medical literature proving so.
  • How there is a fundamental contradiction between the government’s insistence that vaccines are safe and its provision of legal immunity to Big Pharma on the grounds that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe”.
  • How deep the corruption runs in government, such as how members of the federal Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) have conflicts of interests with the vaccine industry, or how the head of the CDC Julie Gerberding became head of Merck’s vaccine division.
  • How the vaccine injury compensation program has awarded families compensation for vaccine injuries leading to developmental regression (i.e., autism), such as in the case of Hannah Poling.
  • How such cases have been won so long as they never use the word “autism”.
  • Why we shouldn’t call it a “vaccine court” because it wasn’t set up to be a court; it was set up to be a compensation program, to be administrative. There are no rules of civil procedure. No rules of evidence. No discovery. No jury. No real judge who’s looking at the facts and the law. “It’s a setup. … A kangaroo court.”
  • How the incidence of vaccine injuries is placing an enormous cost burden on public health.
  • How the DPT vaccine was causing so many injuries and lawsuits that the government needed to intervene in the market to grant vaccine manufactures legal immunity to preserve public policy.
  • How public vaccine policy was sold to the public in the 50s and 60s on grounds that proved false, but this is never acknowledged. Specifically, the public was told after a few years the disease would be eradicated and there would no longer be a need for the vaccine.
  • How public policy violates the fundamental medical ethic of informed consent.
  • Why the whole theory of vaccine induced “herd immunity” is utterly ridiculous and is based not on science, but faith.
  • How “Vaccination has become an established religion.”
  • How public policy, including vaccine mandates, is not based on science.
  • How absurd it is for the establishment to insist, “We don’t know what causes autism, but we’re certain it isn’t vaccines.”
  • How more than half of settled cases in the NVICP have resulted in compensation for vaccine injuries resulting in the development of autism. “The federal government has compensated hundreds of cases of vaccine induced brain injury associated with autism.”
  • How the government tries to reconcile this fact with its insistence that vaccines can’t cause autism by reasoning that vaccines can cause encephalitis, which can lead to autism.
  • “Vaccines cause autism. No question.”
  • How Paul Offit, the aforementioned leading spokesperson for vaccines cited by the media, earned millions from a patent for a rotavirus vaccine that caused intussusception in children.
  • How Dr. Andrew Wakefield was made a scapegoat by the UK government because it had to cover up its own responsibility for having licensed a vaccine they knew caused harm.
  • How Wakefield’s colleague and coauthor on the infamous retracted 1998 Lancet case study John Walker-Smith appealed the UK medical board’s decision and was fully exonerated.
  • How the pharma companies have repeatedly been found guilty of fraud and corruption, yet we’re supposed to blindly trust their science on vaccines.
  • How government agencies serve the industry rather than the public. Hence the FDA, etc, trying to shut up whistleblowers instead of encouraging insiders to speak or about corruption.
  • How with government desperate to sustain public policies unsupported by science by increasingly authoritarian means, “We really are living in a very dangerous place right now.”

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Episode 3


  • Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
  • 20-minute version of the documentary film Vaxxed

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

The first interview is with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., whom the media demonize as a “conspiracy theorist”. Why does the establishment not want you to hear what he has to say? Well, watch this interview to find out! Kennedy discusses:

  • How he became involved in the issue of vaccines.
  • How there is a dramatic difference between what the government says science says about vaccines and autism and what the medical literature actually says about it.
  • How Big Pharma advertising dollars create a conflict of interest for the mainstream media.
  • How the CDC is a “wholly owned subsidiary of the vaccine industry” and itself buys and sells over $4 billion in vaccines every year.
  • How the corruption runs so deep it’s mind boggling, including how the federal Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) is full of people with financial ties to the vaccine industry.
  • How, for example, Paul Offit, a leading go-to spokesman for vaccines cited by the media, was on the ACIP advocating approval of rotavirus vaccine, which he held a patent on and made millions of dollars from.
  • How the government in 1986 granted legal immunity to vaccine manufacturers.
  • How this also means that there is no discovery as there would be if manufacturers could be sued.
  • How despite the government’s insistence to the contrary, there is a lack of proper safety studies in the medical literature.
  • How corrupt officials through the ACIP pushed through a bunch of vaccines without considering the increased exposure to mercury, thus placing an exposure burden on children many times in excess of the government’s own safety limits. (The fact that this became known publicly is the reason mercury as a preservative was removed from most vaccines. Vaccines may still contain trace amounts from the manufacturing process, and the multi-dose influenza vaccine still contains mercury.)
  • How the beginning of the epidemics of behavioral and developmental disorders (like autism), neurological disorders, and autoimmune diseases, coincided with the increased burden of mercury from the CDC’s vaccine schedule.
  • How every segment of the American population saw this increase in disease and disorders except unvaccinated communities like the Amish.
  • How the official line is that the form of mercury in vaccines (ethylmercury) is not harmful because the body eliminates it faster than the methylmercury people are exposed to from, e.g., fish; but how in fact studies have shown that ethylmercury crosses the blood brain barrier and accumulates in the brain, and that it is twice as persistent once in the brain than methylmercury. This explains why the studies the CDC cites to claim it is harmless did not find the ethylmercury in the blood of subjects, which is the finding the CDC cites as proof ethylmercury is quickly eliminated from the body. In other words, the very finding the CDC says shows that ethylmercury is harmless in fact indicate just how potentially more dangerous than methylmercury it is.
  • How Dr. Paul Offit, the media’s go-to expert on vaccine safety, is a fraud.
  • How ignorance about vaccines can be so widespread throughout the medical establishment: “It’s very hard to convince a man of a fact if the knowledge of the fact will diminish his salary.”
  • How the CDC acknowledged in a 2001 meeting that vaccines might be causing the autism epidemic, and how they were scrambling to try to deal the fact, which had become known publicly, that they were exposing children to mercury at levels many times more than the government’s own safety standards limit.
  • How we are repeatedly told that there is no possible link between vaccine and autism even though the Institute of Medicine has concluded that the hypothesis that vaccines can cause autism is “biologically plausible”.
  • How the CDC committed scientific fraud with studies in Europe intended to show no association between mercury in vaccines and autism. (One of the authors of one of these studies, Poul Thorson, actually defrauded the CDC out of over a million dollars).
  • How the CDC has refused to allow the whistleblower William Thompson to speak about what he knows.
  • How individuals acting in institutions come to act to protect their institution more than the people the institution is supposed to be protecting.
  • How the CDC’s position is an edifice of fraud; fraud stacked upon fraud stacked upon fraud.
  • How the CDC and public policy could not withstand a public discussion; hence the efforts to quash debate.
  • How it’s career ending for journalists to broach the subject.
  • How medical journals are dependent on dollars from the pharmaceutical industry.
  • How his strategy, in everything he does on this issue, is aimed at forcing a public debate. “We will win this.”
  • How belief in vaccines is an orthodoxy, not based on science.
  • How mothers who watch their child developmentally regress after vaccination are dismissed and even castigated for associating the two, rather than being listened to and taken seriously.
  • How there is “an entire generation of kids that’s being poisoned by government bureaucracies”.


The rest of Episode 3 consisted of a sneak peek at the new documentary Vaccine Syndrome about how soldiers were used as test subjects for an experimental anthrax vaccine during the Gulf War. Following the sneak peek came a 20-minute version of the film Vaxxed. This film focuses on the autism debate, and particularly on the story of a CDC whistleblower, William Thompson, who has alleged that the CDC has tried to cover up data from its own studies showing an association between the MMR vaccine and autism. Here are a few things that jumped out at me:

  • How Barack Obama has encouraged people to go and look at the science for themselves, only to then tell them to go to the CDC to learn what the science says! Indeed, people should go and look at what the science says, which is dramatically different from what the CDC says to uphold public policy.
  • How to stifle debate the media constantly point to the retracted 1998 Lancet study without ever bothering to inform their audience what that paper actually said! (As I explain here, contrary to how the media typically report about it, it did not conclude that the MMR vaccine can cause autism; it was a case study in which the authors merely noted that parents of autistic children were associating the onset of their child’s developmental regression to the time of their MMR vaccination and merely acknowledged the theoretical possibility that the vaccine could be contributing to the development of autism. That threatened public policy, however, so Wakefield had to be made an example of.)

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Episode 4


  • Brian S. Hooker (Part 1)
  • Dawn Loughborough
  • Sarah Bridges

Brian Hooker

The first interview of this episode is with Brian Hooker, who has worked with CDC whistleblower William Thompson regarding Thompson’s claim that the CDC has actively tried to cover up data showing an association between vaccines and autism. I haven’t personally been following this story very closely so was very interested to hear what he has to say. Here are some highlights from his discussion:

  • How the media never inform the true reason they took mercury as a preservative out of most vaccines: because the load children were getting from all the vaccines on the CDC schedule far exceeded the government’s own safety limits.
  • How the CDC has tried to block Hooker from talking to CDC scientists.
  • Why would the CDC try to cover up data showing a link between vaccines and autism? Because the CDC is a vaccine company, investing in $4.6 in vaccines annually.
  • How the CDC in a study in Demnark published in 2003 in the Journal of Pediatrics (Madsen, et al), the agency manipulated the data to show a false rising trend in autism after mercury was removed from vaccines there (so they could argue therefore it wasn’t the vaccines causing it).
  • How he successfully sued the CDC to get them to release data they were trying to keep hidden from the public.

Dawn Loughborough

Next Dr. Toni Bark interviews Dawn Loughborough, a mother of vaccine injured children.

  • How Dr. Paul Offit of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia tried to interrogate her and intimidate her for associating an adverse reaction her daughter suffered with vaccination, causing her to doubt her own maternal instincts that the vaccinations were injuring her daughter.
  • How the DTaP vaccine damaged her son, as her doctors acknowledged, causing autism.
  • How only about 10% of adverse reactions to vaccines actually get reported because 1) parents aren’t aware of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) and 2) there’s so much bureaucratic red tape to do it, doctors don’t want or even know how to.
  • How her doctor told her to “Go home and pray” because there was nothing that could be done for her son, but she did not give up and improved his gastrointestinal symptoms (autism is associated with gut disorders like intestinal hyperpermeability, or “leaky gut”) by taking gluten and casein out of his diet (both of which proteins may stimulate an immune response, causing inflammation; gluten also increases the permeability of the gut).
  • How the science upholding public vaccine policy is “tobacco science”.
  • How Brian Hooker examined the data from a 2010 study in Pediatrics Hooker, et al, (Price, et al) that concluded mercury-containing vaccines are not associated with an increased risk of autism and found that the data actually showed an increased risk of autism for mothers of children who received mercury containing flu shots during pregnancy. (See BioMed Research International, 2014.)
  • How the food and pharmaceutical industries influence medical education, helping to explain why medical students aren’t taught nutrition.

Sarah Bridges

Next Dr. Toni Bark interviews Sarah Bridges, another mother of a vaccine injured child with autism. She discusses:

  • How the government and media tout vaccines as having a proven record of safety when in fact the history is one of proof of harm (examples include the swine flu vaccine, the DTP vaccine, and the oral polio vaccine).
  • How she battled through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP), and how parents of vaccine injured children must avoid using the word “autism” to have a chance of receiving compensation.
  • How public policy doesn’t take into account how some children may be genetically predisposed to having a vaccine injury, essentially playing a game of Russian roulette with our children.

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Episode 5

In Episode 5,  Dr. Toni Bark interviews James Chestnut, D.C. and Dr. Kelly Brogan; then comes the second part of Dr. Patrick Gentempo’s interview with Sayer Ji; then Dr. Gary Goldman; and finally Dr. Stephanie Seneff. (Incidentally, I’ve had the honor of being called by Dr. Kelly Brogan “a rare journalist” who “actually digs deep for the truth on a matter” for my own writings on the topic of vaccines.)


  • Dr. James Chestnut
  • Dr. Kelly Brogan
  • Sayer Ji (Part 2)
  • Dr. Gary Goldman
  • Dr. Stephanie Seneff

Dr. James Chesnut

  • How doctors aren’t scientists.
  • How doctors aren’t saying, “I’m going to do what’s right for this patient”, they are saying “I am going to do what this policy tells me to do”.
  • Why the influenza vaccine is an important one for activists to focus on: because uniquely with this vaccine, if we can just doctors to look at the data, they will stand up and demand policy reform.
  • How uncontroversial it is in the medical literature that the flu vaccine policy isn’t supported by the data.
  • How as influenza vaccination rates went up, influenza incidence and mortality also rose.
  • The difference between relative risk and absolute risk, and how public officials use relative risk in a way that is “criminally misleading”.
  • How the cellular or innate immune system is what chiefly protects against influenza, not production of antibodies (humoral immunity).
  • How public policy on the influenza vaccine is completely unsupported by the science (and is analogous to saying “I’ve got this great diet. If 100 people try it, one of them will lose 5 pounds. I think it should be mandatory.”

Dr. Kelly Brogan

  • How the frightening increase in chronic illnesses among the population amounts to a “devolving of our species”.
  • How the medical establishment still approaches health care with one-size-fits-all policies when the study of epigenetics has instructed us on why individual treatment is needed.
  • How doctors face psychological barriers preventing them from questioning the foundations of what they’ve been taught.
  • How patients on anti-depressant medications (SSRIs) go through withdrawal from the drug, but are told these are symptoms of their “chemical imbalance”, which is touted as evidence of why they need to stay on the drug!
  • How people being put on these drugs are having their right to informed consent violated.

Sayer Ji

  • How the basic idea behind the germ theory underlying the practice of vaccination is completely absurd.
  • How 8% of our genetic makeup is retroviral in nature, and how viruses can carry genetic material from one species to another. “Viruses is what we are…” So how can we think eradicating viruses is the solution to disease?
  • How in India, the use of the oral polio vaccine resulted in paralysis from vaccine strain polio being worse than from the wild type virus.

Dr. Gary Goldman

  • How data is manipulated in studies supposedly showing the safety of vaccines.
  • How the influenza vaccine can increase children’s risk of developing non-influenza infections.
  • How countries that vaccinate the most have the highest infant mortality rate.
  • How one study of 20 years of VAERS data showed that “the children that received the most doses of vaccine on any one doctor’s visit had the greater risk of hospitalization or death.”
  • How vaccine policy ends up creating “a cycle of disease and treatment”; for example, with the varicella vaccine causing more harm than good.

Dr. Stephanie Seneff

  • How certain individuals are predisposed to having adverse reactions to vaccines; for example, sulfate helps prevent aluminum from getting to the brain, so sulfate deficiency can increase the risk.

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Episode 6

In Episode 6 is part two of Patrick Gentempo’s interview with Brian S. Hooker, who has worked with CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson to get information out about the CDC’s scientific fraud. The rest of this episode during the online viewing consisted of the online premier of a new documentary called Vaccine Syndrome on how Gulf War soldiers were used as test subjects for the experimental anthrax vaccine (which I won’t review here).


  • Brian S. Hooker (Part 2)
  • Full documentary film Vaccine Syndrome

Brian S. Hooker

  • The story of how he began emailing CDC scientist William Thompson, which ultimately led to Thompson breaking down and helping Hooker to gain access to the data the CDC was trying to prevent from getting public that would reveal how the CDC was trying to cover up the link between vaccines and autism.
  • How DeStefano, et al, in Pediatrics 2004 concluded there was no association, but their data showed an increased risk of autism for subjects who received the MMR vaccine on time compared with those who delayed it.
  • Hooker published a paper about that data in a peer-reviewed journal, but it was retracted without any explanation of how his analysis was in error (Here’s another paper outlining the CDC’s fraud that has not been retracted.)
  • How they reduced the sample size to eliminate the association shown between the MMR vaccine and autism for African Americans and then destroyed the paper trail (except that Dr. Thompson kept his own copies, which are in the hands of a Congressman who wants to call him to testify, which the CDC doesn’t want him doing).
  • How we need to “bring the CDC down”.
  • How he’s got a book coming out, to be published by Elsevier, republishing the data from the retracted paper and explaining why it never should have been retracted.

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Episode 7

In Episode 6 is part two of Patrick Gentempo’s interview with Brian S. Hooker, who has worked with CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson to get information out about the CDC’s scientific fraud. The rest of this episode during the online viewing consisted of the online premier of a new documentary called Vaccine Syndrome on how Gulf War soldiers were used as test subjects for the experimental anthrax vaccine (which I won’t review here).


  • Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
  • Dr. Patrick Gentempo
  • Dr. Gayle DeLong

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

  • How the influenza vaccine has been associated with Guillain Barre syndrome, among other things, and how the Cochrane Collection has reviewed the literature and found thin evidence for its effectiveness.
  • How even assuming the vaccine was effective against the specific flu strains it targets, it would only be effective maybe 16% of the time (since most flu-like symptoms are not even caused by the influenza virus).
  • How the flu vaccine can make you more susceptible to strains of influenza not included among the few strains it is intended to target.
  • How hospitals are threatened with a decrease in Medicare reimbursements if they don’t maintain a high vaccination rate among employees.
  • How the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) is a “kangaroo court” and “a setup”.
  • How many (if not most) doctors don’t even know about the VICP, and most adverse events aren’t reported.
  • How she regrets once having had a father arrested for “shaken baby syndrome”, before she learned more about the potential for harm and even death from vaccinations.
  • How most doctors don’t search for the truth because they couldn’t bring themselves to face the possibility that for all those years they might have been harming all those children.
  • How “doctors are turning out to be nothing more than glorified drug reps”.
  • How the entire vaccine industry needs to go the way of bloodletting.
  • How the death rate at the time the measles vaccine was introduced was three in ten-million (not the one in one-thousand they cite to scare people into vaccinating).
  • How TH1 differs from TH2 immunity (cell-mediated versus humoral immune systems).
  • How antibodies are used as a surrogate measure of immunity, but don’t necessarily confer immunity.
  • How it wasn’t the vaccines that eradicated smallpox globally and polio in the US.
  • How they changed the criteria for diagnosing polio, which made it appear as though the vaccine was causing the reduced incidence.
  • How the virus isn’t the disease! (A point Dr. Toni Bark, the interviewer, interjects.)
  • How the industry has hijacked the term “herd immunity” to distort it from its original meaning, which referred to naturally acquired immunity.

Dr. Patrick Gentempo

  • How the vaccine issue is an issue of human rights, but and how public policy violates individual rights.
  • How the rationale behind public policy with respect to the risks from vaccines is that some individuals must be sacrificed for the greater good.
  • How professionals succumb to the herd mentality rather than thinking for themselves.
  • How the vaccine issue comes doown to the simple question of whether you believe in the right to informed consent.

Dr. Gayle DeLong

  • How her two daughters were injured by vaccines.
  • How government agencies are riddled with conflicts of interest.
  • How she did a study finding that vaccination rates are associated with a higher incidence of autism or speech delay.

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Episode 8


  • Brian S. Hooker (Part 3)
  • Full documentary film Trace Amounts

Episode 8 featured part three of Dr. Patrick Gentempo’s interview with Brian Hooker. Following that, they aired the full documentary Trace Amounts (which I won’t review here), about the use of a mercury-containing preservative (thimerosal) in vaccines.

Brian Hooker

  • How one of the CDC’s own studies found that children with higher exposure from Thimerosal had a higher risk for tics than children with lower exposure — but how they didn’t include a control group that had no exposure at all, which likely would have made the statistically significant difference even more profound.
  • How two additional CDC studies found an association between Thimerosal and tics.
  • How William Thompson tried to alert his higher ups at the CDC of what the data was showing with respect to adverse outcomes associated with Thimerosal, but he was shut down. The head of the CDC at the time was Dr. Julie Gerberding, who later became President of Merck’s vaccine division.
  • How the CDC purchases over $4 billion in vaccines annually, redistributing them to the state public health departments for and getting reimbursed — and how if vaccination rates fall, the CDC loses money.

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Episode 9


  • Sayer Ji (Part 3)
  • Brian Hooker
  • Dr. Heather Wolfson and Dr. Jack Wolfson
  • Dr. Dan Pompa

Episode 9 features interviews with Sayer Ji (part 3), Brian Hooker (part 3), Dr. Heather Wolfson and Dr. Jack Wolfson, and Dr. Dan Pompa.

Sayer Ji

  • How if a mercury-containing fluorescent light bulb breaks, someone is supposed to go in with a hazmat suit to clean it up, yet mercury in vaccines is nothing to worry about? How we don’t need clinical trial validation to know that injecting Thimerosal (a preservative that’s half ethylmercury by weight) into babies just doesn’t make sense.
  • How we’ve “all been under the spell of biomedical illusion that we need these vaccines and we need these chemicals to improve on immunity because of course, God, nature — whatever metaphor we use — went terribly wrong and we need the vaccines to save us even if they contain these toxic metals.”
  • How as they phased out Thimerosal from most vaccines, they increased the aluminum content.
  • How there’s no medical justification for its use; using aluminum as an adjuvant to boost the immune response instead of more of the targeted antigen saves the vaccine manufacturers money.
  • How natural exposure to HPV viruses provides a protective effect against cervical cancer.
  • How there’s never been a single study showing that even a single case of cervical cancer has been prevented by the HPV vaccine.

Brian Hooker

  • How the HPV vaccine Gardisil has a very high aluminum content and is being given to children as young as 9 years old.
  • “Aluminum does not belong in the human body.”
  • How despite the highest number of adverse event reporting of any vaccine, instead of pulling it off the market, they want to start giving it to children at birth.
  • How aluminum adjuvant causes autoimmunity.
  • How manufacturers use adjuvants because it saves them money.
  • How government officials are trying to apply more strict mandates that all children be vaccinated.
  • How the American Academy of Pediatricians (AA) is underwritten by the vaccine industry.
  • How with a flu shot, you’re getting 25 micrograms of mercury, which is on the scale of parts per million, whereas in drinking water the safety limit is two parts per billion (with a “b”); you’re getting about 25,000 times more than that limit.
  • How the DTaP vaccine contains aluminum, but is given concomitantly with the flu shot, and the aluminum increases the toxicity of the mercury.

Dr. Heather Wolfson and Dr. Jack Wolfson

  • How doctors don’t study vaccines, they are just taught to accept them as medical dogma.
  • How instead of building up our natural immunity, policy is focused on destroying it with vaccines.
  • How vaccines always cause damage, even if the effects of that damage don’t become symptomatic until many years later.
  • How natural childhood infections lower the risk of cardiac disease and heart attacks.
  • How we need to be exposed to pathogens in order to build strong immune systems and prevent diseases down the road.
  • How the HPV vaccine makes no medical sense coming with such risk for an unproven benefit.
  • How the safety and potential consequences of 69 doses of 16 vaccines has never been studied. “We are the experiment.”
  • Why giving acetometophin (Tylenol) to kids who develop a fever from a vaccine only does more harm.
  • How important it is to educate yourself to be able to speak clearly and persuasively on this subject for the good of our children.

Dr. Dan Pompa

  • How he came to be mercury poisoned. He describes himself as “autistic in an adult body” during that time.
  • How vaccines cause autoimmunity.
  • Why a detox program needs to detox at the cellular level to eliminate these toxins.
  • How glyphosate from Roundup allows toxins like mercury and aluminum to cross the blood brain barrier and penetrate deeper into the brain.
  • It also affects the microbiome and breaks down the gut barrier.
  • How the HepB vaccine has 200 times the amount of aluminum they consider safe when giving a baby an IV.
  • The importance of eating fats to restore the function of cell membranes; getting the body into ketosis where it burns fat for energy.
  • How eliminating grains can reduce inflammation.

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Episode 10

Episode 10 features features Diane Harper, who was a lead investigator for HPV vaccine clinical trials for Merck; part 4 of Dr. Patrick Gentempo’s interview with Sayer Ji; Barbara Loe Fisher, Co-Founder and President of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC); Dr. Terry Wahls; and Dina Check, mother of Olivia and Mary; and Patricia Finn, Esq., a civil rights attorney.


  • Diane Harper
  • Sayer Ji (Part 4)
  • Barbara Loe Fisher
  • Dr. Terry Wahls
  • Dina Check
  • Patricia Finn, Esq.

Diane Harper

  • How Merck got away with advertising its Gardasil vaccine as though it had been proven in clinical trials to prevent cervical cancer.
  • How the target antigen (that virus or bacteria the vaccine is designed to prevent the disease of) won’t get the vaccine companies the desired antibody level they need to gain FDA approval, so they need to use an adjuvant like aluminum, a known neurotoxin, to stimulate a stronger immune response so they can get their product to market.
  • How the FDA agreed that clinical trials should compare subjects given antigen plus adjuvant with subjects given adjuvant alone to determine whether the antigen was stimulating an antibody response. “So in the negotiation process, the safety of the adjuvant was not a consideration.”
  • How doctors should be educating women so they have properly informed consent prior to receiving the HPV, but instead, women are getting the shot and coming away thinking they won’t need to continue pap smear screening.
  • How 1 in 10,000 die or are seriously injured from the Gardisil vaccine, while it’s 7 per 100,000 women who get cervical cancer despite routine pap smears, so the risk of being killed by or injured from the vaccine is greater than the risk of getting the cancer the vaccine is advertised as being able to prevent.
  • How whether to get the HPV vaccine or not is a matter of personal choice and comes down to: “Do you play the lottery, or don’t you play the lottery.”
  • How vaccines contain foreign DNA and how the effect this might have on the body and what kind of damage it could cause is “an area of study that we haven’t looked at very closely.”
  • Q: “Do we have any evidence to say that injecting HPV DNA directly into the bloodstream is safe?” A: “No.”
  • How pap smear screening rates are so much lower among those who receive the HPV vaccine that getting the shot could theoretically be associated with an increase in the risk of getting cervical cancer.

Sayer Ji

  • “We’re at a point in history now where non-compliance is equated to a violent act toward others in society.”
  • If vaccines work so well, why are so many of those who choose to get vaccines so afraid of those who choose not to?
  • How the theory of vaccine-induced herd immunity with respect to the measles vaccine has been disproven.
  • How pharmaceutical companies and public health officials use fear as a marketing tactic to sell more vaccines: “The virus of fear is really the pathogen that’s infecting people.”
  • How public policy is “defining my body and my children’s body as ‘property of the state’.”
  • How we are at a point where the next step will be accusing parents who don’t vaccinate their children of child abuse, taking their children from them, and forcibly vaccinating them; hence the critical need for the public to become better educated about what science really has to say about vaccines.
  • How the placebo in placebo-controlled trials represents the body’s ability to heal itself.

Barbara Loe Fisher

  • How she didn’t recognize her son’s symptoms as an adverse event from the vaccine at first because she had never been taught to recognize vaccine injury. It wasn’t until she watched a documentary called “DPT Roulette” that she realized what had happened to her son.
  • How in Tennessee, there were a high rate of deaths and injuries from the a bad lot of the DPT vaccine, so the decision was made to disperse lots rather than sending a lot all to one place.
  • How the vaccine manufacturers threatened to withdraw their products from the US market if they weren’t granted legal immunity to protect them from vaccine injury lawsuits.
  • How doctors are legally required to provide informed consent and report adverse events, but they don’t even know how to report vaccine injuries and most who do report them report them not to the government, to the vaccine companies.
  • How doctors do not want to acknowledge that something they’ve done intending to help a child might have ended up damaging the child.
  • How the CDC schedule now calls for 69 doses of 16 vaccines starting on the first day of birth, with 49 of those doses given before the age of 6.
  • “Their immune systems are developing in a very different way today than they did when they were being given far fewer vaccines.”
  • How at the same time we’ve tripled the doses of vaccines, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in chronic illnesses and disabilities: 1 in 6 is learning disabled, 1 in 9 has asthma, 1 in 50 is diagnosed with autism, and 1 in 400 has diabetes.
  • How the US gives more doses of vaccines than any other country, and why a study to determine whether there is a correlation between number of vaccine doses given and rates of autism per country would be valuable.
  • How children who’ve previously shown adverse reactions to vaccines are excluded from safety studies, along with children who might have a genetic predisposition (i.e., family history of certain illnesses or disabilities) to adverse reactions to vaccines.
  • And yet how, when giving children vaccines, these same criteria that excluded children from the clinical trials are not considered contraindications to vaccination.
  • How in Virginia, there’s a law that outlaws the doctor-patient relationship: it is illegal for doctors to grant medical exemptions to patients without the approval of a state bureaucracy.
  • How public vaccine policy remains a one-size-fits-all approach that lays the genetically susceptible on the sacrificial altar, and how this is not a moral policy.
  • “My duty is not to sacrifice my child on the altar of vaccination because doctors are not going to acknowledge that my child may be at high risk.”
  • “When they make the argument that ‘for the greater good,everyone must get vaccinated’, they are discriminating against those people who have biological susceptibility to having a vaccine reaction, injury or death.”
  • How the NVIC accurately predicted that a consequence of mass vaccination with the varicella (chicken pox) vaccine would be an increase in the rate of shingles, a much more serious disease with higher risks of complications than childhood chicken pox.
  • How Merck then developed a shingles vaccine to “solve” the problem it created with its varicella vaccine.
  • How the scientific community doesn’t yet fully understand how our immune system works (indeed, they are only really just beginning to).
  • How hot only government is mandating vaccines, but health insurance companies are beginning to mandate it, as well, so you won’t be able to get insurance if you aren’t up to date with the CDC’s vaccine schedule.
  • How health care workers, even if pregnant, are being forced to get vaccines or lose their jobs.
  • How “The federal government is in an actual business partnership with the pharmaceutical industry.”
  • How the pharmaceutical companies can pay the FDA to “fast track” their products.
  • How public policy is based on “an ideological commitment”. It’s based on faith, not science.
  • How simply reserving the right to informed consent is deemed a radical position by the media.

Dr. Terry Wahls

  • How she used to share the conventional thinking and considered investment in alternative therapies to be a waste of resources.
  • But how she was diagnosed with MS and began studying how to heal herself, then did so in large part through diet.
  • So now she does this “radical thing”: she asks her patients what they are eating!
  • How populations exposed to more pathogens during childhood have less autoimmune disease (the hygiene hypothesis).
  • How there is reason to be optimistic as more and more people are waking up and educating themselves about vaccines.

Dina Check

  • How she let societal pressures overcome her maternal instinct that it was the vaccines damaging her daughter.
  • How she reached the point after following a doctor’s bad advice for the last time (insisting on giving her an antibiotic, in that case) that she thought: that’s it, no more doctors. From then on, she was going to take responsibility for her daughters health.
  • How mothers of vaccine injured children should be respected, but they’re not; “they’re thrown to the side”.
  • How there have been instances of children being taken away from their parents for not vaccinating.
  • How most parents don’t even know what ingredients are in vaccines.

Patricia Finn, Esq.

  • How in some states, like New York, having a potential genetic susceptibility to vaccine injury is not sufficient to get a medical exemption; you have to have had a shot and already been injured to get an exemption.
  • How in Jacobson vs. Massachusetts (1905), the Supreme Court held that under a police power the government can force you to vaccinate.
  • How vaccine mandates violate due process.
  • How the support of the community is what kept her going through the attacks she faced for pursuing human rights through the courts on the issue of vaccination.
  • “Don’t mess with a mama bear’s cubs!”

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