Syria: Riot Control Agents Use by Al-Nusra as ‘Chemical Weapons’ Use by Assad Regime

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Here's what I had to say on Facebook about one of these allegations about "chemical weapon" attacks by the Syrian army (in response to a Reuters article) back in January

Moon of Alabama comments on the allegations of the use of chemical weapons in Syria (read the full post at MoA for the context; my bold emphasis added):

The “chemical weapon” attacks were not done by the Syrian army. They were done by so called “rebels” with chlorine and with riot control agents by jihadist insurgencies who sourced the chlorine gas by stealing it from a Syrian factory and somehow obtained riot control agents from official Turkish state stocks.

The Israeli, the British and the French government tried to instigate a wider war on Syria by making false allegations about “chemical weapon” attacks by the Syrian army. The U.S. nearly joined them in their allegations. Will all those op-ed writers that tried to use the “fact” of chemical weapon usage now call for all out war on Al-Nusra?

Don’t bet on it.

I can’t say MoA’s observations surprise me. Here’s what I had to say on Facebook about one of these allegations about “chemical weapon” attacks by the Syrian army (in response to a Reuters article) back in January:


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