How to End Israel’s Illegal Settlements, Today

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Uri Misgav in the Israeli daily Haaretz nails it

My latest Foreign Policy Journal article “Israel: EU Moves against Illegal Settlements Threaten U.S.-Led ‘Peace Process’” was also published at, and the Palestine Chronicle, so if you haven’t read it already, pick your favorite venue and check it out.

Uri Misgav in the Israeli daily Haaretz nails it:

[I]t is clear to every intelligent person that the foolishness of the occupation and the settlements could end tomorrow if the Americans wanted it so. No attempts at shuttle diplomacy by the U.S. secretary of state would be needed. An unequivocal order from the White House backed by the freezing of U.S. foreign aid − and everything would end. Not tomorrow, but today.

Imagine reading that in the U.S. mainstream media. Inconceivable!

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About Jeremy R. Hammond

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