Roger Cohen: Germany Can ‘Lead’ By Joining US in Waging Aggressive War on Syria

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Germany be a world "leader" by getting on board with the Obama administration's plan to commit aggression, "the supreme international crime", according to New York Times columnist Roger Cohen.

Roger-CohenJust one reporter at a press briefing with Samantha Power suggested that the U.N. can only be deemed “relevant” if it acts to further U.S. policy, so can Germany be a world “leader” by getting on board with the Obama administration’s plan to commit aggression, “the supreme international crime”, according to New York Times columnist Roger Cohen.

“As world leaders debate the Syrian crisis,” Cohen writes, “Europe’s dominant power is conspicuous for its silence.” Germany “murmurs” about the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons needing to be “proved” before it is “punished”, and “it wants no part of any riposte”, Cohen’s euphemism for bombing. Germany’s “reticence” when it comes to dropping bombs on Syria is proof that it is “shamefully” unconcerned with the use of chemical weapons in Syria. “Time for a reality check: German will not lead”, with “lead” being yet another euphemism, meaning to join the U.S. in committing what was defined at the Nuremberg Tribunal as “the supreme international crime”.

How ironic, that Roger Cohen should condemn Germany for being unwilling to join the U.S. in committing crimes for which Nazis were hanged: aggression and conspiracy to commit aggression.

Yes, conspiracy to commit aggression, too, is a crime under international law. Perhaps this explains Germany’s “silence” on the matter, rather than lack of concern for human beings in Syria.

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