My Interview with Traces of Reality Radio: Syria, Kerry’s ‘Gaffe,’ Russia’s Proposal and MSM Warmongers

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Guillermo and Jeremy breakdown the latest on Syria.

I was interviewed this morning by Guillermo Jimenez of Traces of Reality Radio. Here it is:

Episode 52: September 10, 2013 – Jeremy R. Hammond on Syria, Kerry’s “Gaffe,” Russia’s Proposal and MSM Warmongers

Guest: Jeremy R. Hammond

Traces-of-Reality-RadioOn this edition of Traces of Reality Radio:  Guillermo is joined by the founding editor of Foreign Policy Journal, Jeremy R. Hammond.  Guillermo and Jeremy breakdown the latest on Syria, beginning with Russia “calling John Kerry’s bluff” and reaching an agreement with Assad to hand over all chemical weapons to the “international community” and avoiding U.S. air strikes.  Will Obama back down? Is this a legit “gaffe” or carefully crafted trap?

Also, we discuss the propaganda efforts of the mainstream (corporate stream) press in selling war to the American public. TheNew York Times caught demonstrably lying about Syrian weapon capabilities, how these lies have worked time and time again in the past, and why we “won’t get fooled again.”

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About Jeremy R. Hammond

About Jeremy R. Hammond

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