Listen to Me Demolish Mainstream Myths about the Palestine Conflict

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Palestinian refugees fleeing their homes in 1948, from the front cover of "The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem" by Benny Morris (Public Domain)

You'll learn more about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict listening to this one interview than you would in a lifetime of consuming information about it from the US mainstream media. If you want to truly understand this issue, this is a must-listen discussion.

There are countless popular myths that dominate the mainstream discourse about the Palestine conflict today. The propagation of these myths serves to sustain the status quo of injustice and oppression. In this interview with Mance Rayder, I systematically dismantle propaganda narratives from the origins of the conflict to today. I correct the record on the watershed events of 1948 and 1967, explain what the US-led so-called “peace process” is really all about and why the Palestinian Authority (PA) is part of the problem, demolish the US media’s reporting on Israel’s “Operation Cast Lead” in Gaza, and more.


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About Jeremy R. Hammond

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