Interview: On Israel-Palestine, Vaccines, and Mainstream Propaganda

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Washington, D.C. (Library of Congress)

In this interview, I talk about how the government and media misinform the public about two important topics: the Israel-Palestine conflict and vaccines.

On January 26, 2019, I joined Deanna Spingola on her radio show Spingola Speaks, broadcast live on the Republic Broadcasting Network, to talk about the two topics that have been the main focuses of my writings for the past few years: the US role in the Israel-Palestine conflict and the threat to our health and liberty posed by public vaccine policy.

We start out talking about my book Obstacle to Peace: The US Role in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, and I explain how the claim that Israel’s attack on Egypt on June 5, 1967, which began the “Six Day War”, was not “preemptive” as popularly claimed; how the focus on the influence of the “Israel lobby” on US policy unfortunately diverts attention away from the even more powerful domestic influence of Christian Zionism; how the media serve to manufacture consent for the US government’s policy of supporting Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians, and much more.

On an unrelated note, I was asked to comment about the wall President Donald Trump wants to build along the border with Mexico, and so I briefly explained why I oppose the idea.

Then we transitioned into a discussion of how the media fulfill the same function in service to the state by systematically misinforming the public about what science really tells us about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines recommended by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for routine use in children. I explained how the government and media lie to the public, with the media doing public policy advocacy rather than journalism, and give numerous examples of how the official dogma we incessantly hear about vaccines is irreconcilably contradicted by the peer-reviewed scientific literature.

Toward the end of the show, my host also took a few callers, so be sure to listen in to hear my responses to their questions and comments!

Update, January 31, 2019: Since posting, I’ve had a listen myself to the interview and took a few notes as to what topics we discussed and at roughly what time stamp in the audio file. Here are my notes:

0:02:30 – Introduction of me and my books, purpose of my work
0:07:20 – More about Obstacle to Peace
0:13:50 – How Israel used Hamas against PLO to block two-state solution
0:16:40 – Debunking popular Zionist propaganda about the 1967 war
0:27:00 – Why I oppose the wall on the US-Mexico border
0:29:00 – How Israel’s wall in West Bank violates Palestinians’ rights
0:31:30 – The consistency of US policy across administrations
0:35:00 – Israel’s assault on the civilian population of Gaza
0:39:00 – The media’s complicity in whitewashing Israeli war crimes
0:42:30 – Trump’s embassy move to Jerusalem
0:50:00 – Get my books from
0:50:40 – The influence of Christian Zionism on US policy
1:57:40 – How I got started on the vaccine issue: the disparity between science and propaganda
1:01:30 – The assault on our right to informed consent
1:04:00 – Public policy as one-size-fits all policy that plays Russian roulette with our children
1:10:30 – Fearmongering over flu pandemics, how vaccine can increase risk of illness, superiority of natural immunity
1:14:30 – Science vs. CDC’s recommendation that pregnant women get a flu shot
1:24:00 – Legal immunity for vaccine manufacturers and Vaccine Injury Compensation Program
1:25:00 – Mandatory anthrax vaccination as cause of Gulf War Syndrome
1:27:40 – Seriousness of assault on our right to informed consent, how mass vaccination has destroyed natural herd immunity, opportunity costs of vaccination
1:38:00 – Viral contamination of polio and rotavirus vaccines, and more about polio
1:45:00 – Industry and government influence on science
1:48:00 – Statistical deceptions about polio and measles morbidity and mortality, opportunity costs of research funding directed toward vaccines
1:57:00 – Joe calls in: environmental toxins and gut microbiome; how scientists are just beginning to learn how the immune system functions
2:04:30 – Dr. Kelly calls in: the need to live in harmony with our environment; insanity of universal HepB vaccination on first day of life; use of aluminum as adjuvant; use of mercury as a preservative
2:18:40 – Mark calls in: why you can’t trust the CDC on vaccines, and why no “conspiracy theory” is required to explain it

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RBN: Hour 1 | Hour 2 | Hour 3

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