Interview: Draconian COVID-19 Responses Are an Opportunity for Health Freedom Advocates

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I discuss fear versus scientific data in the context of the authoritarian political responses to SARS-CoV-2 with Bretigne Shaffer on her podcast.

I recently joined Bretigne Shaffer on her What Then Must We Do? podcast to discuss the extreme authoritarian government responses to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and fear-driven versus data-backed mitigation measures.

Here’s her summary description of the episode:

I speak with independent journalist Jeremy R. Hammond about the nonsensical and devastating government actions in response to Covid-19, why a vaccine may not be the answer, and the opportunity this represents for educating about health freedom and problems with medical orthodoxy.

Here’s a brief overview of topics we discussed:

  • The infamous Imperial College London model and the lockdown endgame
  • How lockdown advocates (including the authors of the Imperial College paper) fail to take into consideration the economics costs, and how these costs will be measured not just in dollars but also in health and lives
  • What the hysterical lockdown advocates warned would happen to Sweden versus what has actually happened
  • The prospects — or rather, the lack thereof — of a vaccine being developed that will be (a) safe, (b) effective, and (c) rapidly mass produced and distributed globally
  • How faith-based policies placing all hope in a pharmaceutical solution to the problem are insane
  • How even ardent public vaccine policy apologists Paul Offit and Peter Hotez have warned about the dangers of rushing a COVID-19 vaccine to market
  • The problem of “immune enhancement” that arose with prior attempts to develop vaccines for SARS
  • How rushing a vaccine to market means foregoing long-term safety studies and the possibility of “non-specific effects”, i.e., unintended consequences, such as how the best science on the DTP vaccine’s effect on childhood mortality show an association with an increased rate of childhood death
  • How the WHO and Gates Foundation push the DTP vaccine in their global campaigning despite the science, and the corruption and conflicts of interest within the WHO
  • How the WHO is experimenting with a malaria vaccine on African children without the informed consent of their parents, e.g., without parents being informed that clinical data indicate the vaccine might increase their child’s risk of death, an association that was particularly strong among females
  • How Peter Hotez has experience trying to develop a vaccine for SARS, and how he seeks to obtain taxpayer funding of vaccine development against diseases for which the pharmaceutical companies see no ability to profit from, which is to say no cost effectiveness
  • How, drawing lessons from flu shots, other potential problems with a COVID-19 vaccine might include: the potential of the virus to evolve and escape vaccine-conferred immunity, the potential for negative effectiveness (as with flu shots one recent season increasing the risk of H3N2 illness), and opportunity costs of vaccination (e.g., inferiority to naturally acquired immunity)
  • How the mainstream media have illustrated cognitive dissonance by trying to downplay the good news of serological studies detecting SARS-CoV-2-specific antibodies in far greater numbers of people than the reported case counts show, indicating that the infection fatality rate is far lower than the government and media have been saying, by saying that just because someone has antibodies doesn’t mean they’re immune; whereas when the discussion turns to potential vaccine candidates, suddenly antibodies = immunity again
  • Risk factors for severe disease and how the risk of dying for healthy people under the age of 65 is negligible
  • Bill Gates and the vaccine religion, e.g., politician’s faith in vaccine technology to save us, like Michigan governor Whitmer’s 6-step plan for maintaining lockdown measures until a vaccine or pharmaceutical cure is developed to enable the number of infections to near zero
  • The lack of science to support measures like orders to use cloth face masks in the community setting (like going to the grocery store) and statewide school closures (as opposed to determining whether this is warranted at the local level), and why certain policies could actually be counterproductive
  • The role of the government and media in creating mass fear and panic to manufacture consent for authoritarian policies
  • How the issue has become politicized so anyone opposing extreme lockdown measures is equated with a Trump supporter
  • The impact absurd and harmful government actions on public faith in governing institutions
  • How the pandemic presents an incredible opportunity for the health freedom movement to get its message out about the need to respect individual liberty and the right to informed consent, and how we can’t depend on pharmaceutical solutions to solve health problems but must recognize that we were created with effective immune systems and just need to give our body what it needs to function properly and otherwise take responsibility for our own health choices
  • How institutionalized biases result in massive amounts of money and researching being directed toward pharmaceutical drugs or vaccines while there remains a dearth of research into basic questions like what risk factors are for a disease and whether or at what dosage people should use nutritional supplements like vitamin D
  • How the government and media are using fear to manufacture consent for authoritarian government policies when what they should be doing is educating the public to empower them with the knowledge they need to exercise their liberty in a socially responsible manner

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Download my free report 5 Horrifying Facts about the FDA Vaccine Approval Process.

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