Interview: Authoritarianism Is Not the Solution to COVID-19

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In this interview, I discuss problems with existing public vaccine policy why liberty, not medical tyranny, is the solution to COVID-19.

I recently joined Marc Clair on his Lions of Liberty podcast to discuss how public vaccine policy threatens our health and liberty, how authoritarian “lockdown” measures in response to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic are doing more harm than good, and why placing faith in vaccines as a solution to COVID-19 is dangerously irrational. Here are topics we covered in our discussion:

  • How and why I became an independent researcher and journalist and why I shifted my focus away from foreign policy onto vaccines and now the extreme lockdown measures in response to COVID-19
  • What struck me most about the vaccine science when I started digging into it
  • The time Peter Hotez identified a single error in an article I wrote about how he deceives the public about measles (and what it was)
  • How you can frequently fact check mainstream media sources by simply pointing out how their own sources either don’t support or even contradict the claims for which they are being cited
  • The importance of considering absolute risks and not only relative risks when weighing whether to vaccinate
  • How increasing standard of living, not the vaccine, was responsible for the dramatic decrease in measles mortality in the US
  • How institutionalized biases skew the direction of scientific research in ways that are detrimental to public health
  • How measles infection is associated with a decreased risk of much more serious diseases later in life
  • The problem with the theory that mass measles vaccination confers herd immunity, i.e., the phenomenon of vaccine failure and its negative consequences
  • Why the belief that vaccines are “safe and effective” is so deeply ingrained in society including with doctors (and why it’s not a conspiracy)
  • Why the vaccine package inserts are a good place to start to do your own research before deciding whether to vaccinate
  • How the US government has acknowledged that vaccines can cause brain damage manifesting as symptoms of autism
  • How the government has shifted the financial burden for vaccine injuries away from the pharmaceutical industry and onto taxpaying consumers
  • Why the narrative that parental concerns about vaccines causing autism originated with a retracted 1998 Lancet study is demonstrably false (and the true origin of this concern)
  • How the CDC blatantly lies about what the science says about the hypothesis that vaccines can contribute to the development of autism in susceptible individuals (and how this can be shown by examining its own cited sources)
  • The methodological problem of “healthy user bias” in the observational studies
  • Why the government granted legal immunity to vaccine manufacturers in 1986
  • The threat to our liberty from the WHO that marked the turning point that made me shift my focus onto the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic
  • How the original justification for the lockdown measures shifted so that the measures continue despite the original justification no longer holding
  • How sensible policies would have protected those at highest risk while letting those at low risk get on with their lives and keep the economy rolling, and how lockdown policies essentially did the opposite
  • Why the solution is liberty, not authoritarianism
  • How lockdown advocates failed to consider the economic consequences, which must be measured not just in dollars but also in worsened health and lost lives
  • How the endgame of lockdown from the start was always mass vaccination, and why placing faith in vaccines to save us is totally irrational
  • The push for mandatory COVID-19 vaccination and the need to fight for the right to informed consent
  • What we know about immunity to SARS-CoV-2 and why the media claims that infection might not confer immunity were always fearmongering nonsense
  • How any COVID-19 vaccine rushed to market will not have gone through randomized, placebo-controlled trials comparing long-term health outcomes, including mortality, between vaccinated and unvaccinated people, and why that should alarm everyone
  • What “non-specific effects” of vaccines are and how federal regulators and policymakers fail to take them into consideration
  • What people who have concerns about public vaccine policy and vaccine mandates can do to fight against the tyranny

Listen to the full interview now!

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About Jeremy R. Hammond

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Download my free report 5 Horrifying Facts about the FDA Vaccine Approval Process.

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