How the CIA Helped Fuel the Rise of ISIS

The New York Times tosses previously reported facts down the memory hole, whitewashing the US’s role in Syria leading ultimately to the rise of ISIS.

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Can CO2 Emissions Be Taxed Without Harming the Poor?

The New York Times editors argue that CO2 emissions can be taxed without harming consumers, but in so doing only illustrate their own cognitive dissonance.

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Ban Ki-moon’s Complicity in Israel’s Occupation and War Crimes

Ban Ki-moon speaks of an end Israel’s occupation and peace, but he has repeatedly been complicit in Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians.

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The Ugly Untold Truth About the Pertussis Vaccine

The New York Times reports that the greatest risk to infants of pertussis infection comes from older siblings, but leaves out key parts of the story.

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Tom Woods and I Discuss Ron Paul vs. Paul Krugman on the Housing Bubble

I was on the Tom Woods radio show this week to discuss my book Ron Paul vs. Paul Krugman: Austrian vs. Keynesian Economics in the Financial Crisis.

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Stop Blaming Free Markets

It is in the state’s interest to indoctrinate the public with the belief that the “free market” is to blame for consequences of state interventions.

Obstacle to Peace

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Ron Paul vs. Paul Krugman

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