The Deflation Bogeyman

We’re supposed to be afraid of our cost of living going down? Having the purchasing power of our dollars robbed is supposed to be good for us?

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Blaming the Market for the Consequences of Obamacare

Obamacare supporters naturally blame the market for less competition and rising insurance premiums, despite this being a predictable consequence of the law.

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The Role of the US Media in the Palestine Conflict

The US mainstream media serve the role of manufacturing consent for the US policy of supporting Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians.

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The Libertarian Case for Palestine

I present the Libertarian case for Palestine in my debate with Rafi Farber on the Tom Woods show over the legitimacy of the establishment of Israel.

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Fact Checking the WaPo’s ‘Fact Checker’ on the DIA ISIS Memo

The Washington Post’s “Fact Checker” Glenn Kessler responds to Donald Trump’s remarks about how ISIS came to be. How does his own version hold up?

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Obstacle to Peace

The US Role in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict BUY NOWLearn More

The Rejection of Palestinian Self-Determination

The Struggle for Palestine and the Roots of the Israeli-Arab Conflict BUY NOWLearn More

Ron Paul vs. Paul Krugman

Austrian vs. Keynesian Economics in the Financial Crisis BUY NOWLearn More

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