Dept of Homeland Security Suggests Defending Yourself Against Crazed Shooters with Scissors

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It's almost as though the government was waging some kind of propaganda campaign for gun-control in violation of the Constitution!

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security recommends that people use scissors to defend themselves against crazed shooters armed with semi-automatic rifles (and very likely on psychotropic drugs; h/t Natural News). It’s very strange, but for some inexplicable reason, they don’t talk about how you could also, instead of relying on scissors, carry a firearm of your own and use it to defend yourself and other innocent people around you in such a scenario. I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t think to point out that option, even though the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America explicitly protects the individual right to bear arms! How odd.

V.P. Joe Biden is a bit closer to the right idea when he says to get a shotgun:

But it’s still very strange he doesn’t suggest people get a firearm more suitable for self-defense, like a semi-automatic AR-15 with a high-capacity magazine. It’s almost as though the government was waging some kind of propaganda campaign for gun-control in violation of the Constitution! But we know the government would never violate the Constitution! I mean, it’s not as though the words “shall not be infringed” in the Second Amendment are hard to understand or anything.

The best plan for reducing gun violence in the U.S. I’ve seen yet is Bob Wenzel’s at Economic Policy Journal:

  1. Abolish the DEA and end the war on drugs.
  2. Abolish the FDA and government involvement in drugs.
  3. End minimum wage laws.
  4. Abolish the Department of Education and end public school education.
  5. End gun control.

Points 1, 2, and 5 would be particularly effective, although I think it is an enormous oversight of Wenzel’s not to include on the list ending the government’s role of setting the example for criminal lawlessness, violence, and mass murder.

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About Jeremy R. Hammond

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  1. William Chandler

    If WE do not need firearms ….. then “HIGHLY TRAINED PROFESSIONALS” such as DHS do not need firearms. I will give up mine when they give up theirs. Thieving, lying, sacks of dog feces.

    “That rifle on the wall of the labourer’s cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there.” George Orwell

  2. Khan Azam,

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    They are Failure in Afghanistan, ‘WE REAP WHAT WE SOW.’ The Hamid Karzai is the best Muslim for Islam, Afghanistan, and Islamic World, he is the hero of ISLAM, HE BE COME GOOD PERSON FOR Afghanistan’s, ALSO USA, UK, NATO, and Pakistan.He knows what he done, He can control Afghanistan for twenty years more. The GOD will help Muslim and Islam for ever.
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    The US strategic are failed all over the World. especially in Islamic countries, just Like Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and other countries. Well don Pakistan army, you don very good duty in Election on 11 May, 2013. ‘Jazakallah!’ & Good luck . Thanks GOD truly the most praiseworthy and Most glorious.
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    Americans are useing Pakistani nation & army as tools for their dirty politic in the world, Sapacialy against muslim countries, & Arab nations, in fever of Americans. After 66 years Pakistani nation could Select there civil governments. Why they Killed Mr. Zulfiqar Ali , & Benazir Butho’s, Late Nawab Mohammad Akber Khan Bugti, the Lion of Balochistan, and others ? We Salute” The Brave Man of Pakistan” Mr. Asil Ali Zardari, Who can solve the Election case in Pakistan.” Pakistan Zendabad, Balochistan Paindabad, ” Love PRPHET MUHAMMAD ( pbuh).” We Believe on Islam.” Thanks GOD.!

    • Jeremy R. Hammond

      You are right, the U.S. is heading for economic collapse. You mentioned my book. I discuss the past and future coming financial crises in my other book, “Ron Paul vs. Paul Krugman” (see right sidebar for link).

  3. Arab Khan,

    The US strategic are failed all over the World. especially in PALESTINE, Ukraine, Crimea, Islamic countries.The Crimea, case is going well in world of politics, Now a days Moscow’s success in Crimea could lead to it redrawing Ukraine’s .

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