Uh Oh. I’ve Gone and Riled Up UN Watch.

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The UN Watch blog has a new post attempting to discredit me and Foreign Policy Journal, but the best effort they can muster consists entirely of ad hominem argumentation, which is pretty hilarious.

I must have done something right. The UN Watch blog has a new post attempting to discredit me and Foreign Policy Journal, but the best effort they can muster consists entirely of ad hominem argumentation, which is pretty hilarious.

Briefly, the background: Richard Falk, who is the U.N. Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967, posted a commentary on his blog about the Boston bombings in which he makes the completely uncontroversial observation that U.S. foreign policy, including its support for Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians, causes blowback, such as, for example, the 9/11 attacks. I republished his article at Foreign Policy Journal, as I often do his writings, with his kind permission. The Zionist organization UN Watch saw it there and manufactured a controversy about it by lying that Falk was trying to justify the bombings and blaming it on Israel, neither of which claim, of course, was true. The incompetent mainstream media nonetheless picked up the story, parroting the lies about Falk. I wrote a reply to point out the fact that the UN Watch and the media were lying. That response of mine got UN Watch’s attention. UN Watch mentions me in an article on their site:

Falk’s defenders, outraged at UN Watch, have now begun to rally, lashing out against us in lengthy manifestos. “UN Watch crafts the smoking gun,” screams a headline on Mondoweiss, a leading anti-Israel website. “UN Watch Better Watch Itself,” warns the headline of an essay by Jeremy Hammond, the publisher of Falk’s article.

Why are they so angry?

Because thanks to UN Watch pressure, their hero, the world body’s most vicious hater of America, Israel, and Western democratic society, was exposed, denounced, and shamed by world leaders—including by the head of the United Nations himself. And rightfully so.

One will notice that they refused to provide a link to my article for their readers to go and see for themselves what I had to say about the matter (the “headline” mentioned was actually not my title, but a subtitle the editors at Counterpunch added when they published my rejoinder). They naturally wouldn’t want their readers to be so informed that UN Watch would resort to manufacturing lies about a person in order to demonize them simply because they are critical of Israel’s constant violations of international law.

Now UN Watch has a whole blog post dedicated to me. Such an honor! The title of the post is “Richard Falk’s Publisher ‘Foreign Policy Journal’ is just a 1-man, Truther-run website”. It begins by repeating the lie that in his commentary, Falk blamed the Boston bombings on Israel, and then continues:

Because of its high-sounding name, many assumed this to be a respected publication along the lines of  Foreign Policy Magazineor Foreign Affairs, the century-old journal of the Council of Foreign Relations. And some surely assumed that Falk had actually published his preposterous remarks in one of those two publications. Yet nothing could be further from the truth.

In reality, “Foreign Policy Journal” appears to be a one-man website, dedicated to extremist anti-American and anti-Israeli rants, with that one man, Jeremy R. Hammond, who describes himself as self-employed and living in Cross Village, Michigan, being a prolific 9/11 Truther.

Congratulations to UN Watch for visiting FPJ’s “About” page to see that I am the sole individual behind it. They even looked up my public Google + profile and visited my website to see that I have written often on the topic of 9/11.  Some incredible sleuthing there!

Notice that no argument is actually required here. It is enough to describe me as a “prolific 9/11 Truther”. End of discussion. My prolific 9/11 truthing is prima facie proof that I am just a tinfoil-wearing lunatic who must believe that NASA faked the moon landing and believes he was abducted by aliens working for the CIA on the orders of Elvis, who is really still alive and heading the Illuminati. How dare I seek answers to the countless unanswered questions about the 9/11 attacks! How dare I suggest there are problems with the official version of events! How dare I seek the truth about 9/11!

Man, they really got me cornered there. I would like to offer a counter-argument, but since UN Watch didn’t feel it necessary to produce an argument in the first place, they leave me totally unable to do so. I guess that’s checkmate.

Similarly, the fact that I criticize U.S. foreign policy prima facie proves that I am an “extremist anti-American”, and that I criticize Israel’s violations of international law and oppression of the Palestinians proves that I am “anti-Israeli”, with “rants” such as my book “The Rejection of Palestinian Self-Determination” or my paper “The Myth of the U.N. Creation of Israel”. No actual argument required.

UN Watch comments:

That Falk should routinely send his articles to a Truther-run website … is not in the least bit surprising.

Actually, to clarify, I subscribe to Mr. Falk’s blog and republish those articles I think are suitable for FPJ. I approached him about this arrangement, not vice versa, and he was kind enough to agree. But far worse than routinely sending his articles to “a Truther-run website”, Mr. Falk himself “has repeatedly endorsed America’s leading 9/11 Truthers”! Gasp! Well, that just proves that UN Watch isn’t lying when they claim he justified the Boston bombings and blamed them on Israel! (And please don’t bother to read Mr. Falk’s commentary to see what he actually wrote. We wouldn’t want you thinking for yourselves, now would we?)

UN Watch continues:

Hammond’s barrage of tweets last week to the journalists who criticized Falk showed a manner of argument that is at once angry, incoherent, and infantile…. Hammond’s websites and newsletter are now chock full of links to his glorious tweets, of which anyone in the non-Truther world would be ashamed.

No examples are required, of course. This one is obviously extremely “angry”, for instance:

And this one is obviously “incoherent”:

I mean, who could comprehend that one? And here are a few examples of tweet that is self-evidently “infantile”:

Needless to say, only an infant would dare to confront liars about their lies. And don’t I know that’s bad for my career? UN Watch remarks:

All the rare attention has been a boon for Hammond.

Actually, my unwillingness to jump on the propaganda bandwagon pretty much excludes me from ever getting a job in the mainstream media. But that’s okay. I’d rather keep my honor and integrity, thank you very much.

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  1. Jiwan Kshetry

    No wonder, these so called ‘Watches’ have done this thing. There is one more sibling of this called CIF Watch which monitors and rebukes The Guardian’s ‘Comment is free’. There only and absolute aim is to promote zionism and they can go to any length in that direction.

    No wonder also the so called mainstream media have rallied behind the watcher’s agenda. That is what the corporate media has always been doing.

    • walker percy

      Thanks for your work regarding Falk. Your commentary has been honest, clear and persuasive, so that drives guys like Hillel Neuer nuts. In typical fashion, he responds using methods that can only be interpreted as pathological, where he simply accuses you of doing the exact things he is doing. Obviously, it is Mr. Neuer who lacks “backbone” and (for sure) a “moral compass”. His claim that you are “angry, incoherent, and infantile” is simply his way of telling us that those descriptions apply to him and his co-conspirators (especially infantile: take a look at the comments on JPost someday to see the disgusting, scatological references). Reading their comments always makes me want to reach for a psychiatric textbook to figure out the diagnosis for their particular cognitive impairment. But what I have come to believe is that folks who pre-decide the truth (n their favor, of course), then attempt to force facts into compliance end up interfering with their ability to think logically. Brain plasticity kicks in after a lifetime of self-deception, and these folks begin behaving in a way that is not exactly dishonest, it is more like a form of brain damage. I also think it is also related to Jewish religious observance, which embraces the idea of “study” and “argument”, but in reality is simply a system for encouraging feelings of genetic supremacy and a sense of being part of a group that has been treated unfairly, justifying all manner of revenge-seeking.

      The really bad part of this is that they are actually winning. But that is the pattern with Jewish aggressiveness and manipulation: it starts off going well (for them), but leads to horrific outcomes (for all of us). We are currently in the part of the cycle where Jews use deceptive practices to accumulate great wealth at the expense of other groups, leading to a massive backlash. Which just primes the pump for the next cycle.

      I wonder if even a self-thinker like you is ready to see this.

      Again, thanks you.


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