Most Americans Say Afghan War Isn’t Worth Fighting

by Aug 1, 2013Foreign Policy1 comment

The headline isn't false, it just isn't as accurate as it would be had it read something more along the lines of my own post title

Many Americans say Afghan war isn’t worth fighting

Many Americans? This is an unusual headline in the Washington Post, for the simple reason that when one reads past the headline, the first thing one reads is

Only 28 percent of Americans say the war in Afghanistan has been worth fighting…

And a little bit further,

The drop in approval was matched by an 11-point increase, to 67 percent, in those who say the war has not been worth fighting.

So the headline isn’t false, it just isn’t as accurate as it would be had it read something more along the lines of my own post title, above.

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  1. dalibertarian

    Lol typical mainstream journalism.


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