Crony Capitalism: My Review in Barron’s

Barron’s published my review of Hunter Lewis’s Crony Capitalism in America: 2008-2012 last Saturday (November 2, 2013). Here’s the intro and conclusion:

If you think you know what a corrupt place Washington is, think again. Author and investment consultant Hunter Lewis shows that no matter how bad you thought it was, the nation’s capital is much, much worse….

It is disturbing enough when such massive corruption exists in the world of politics and finance. But when it comes to control over what food we eat and the medicine we give our children, the cronyism is downright terrifying.

Crony Capitalism is a companion volume to Hunter Lewis’ other outstanding work, published at the same time, Free Prices Now! Together, the two volumes are a major contribution to the effort to correct the popular misperception that the problem plaguing the U.S. is free-market capitalism. Free-market capitalism serves the interests of us all. The real problem lies with capitalism of the elitist, crony kind.

Read the whole review here (click through to page 2; may be behind a paywall). I definitely recommend both books. It’s not necessary to read them in order, but I do recommend reading Free Prices Now! first, as it establishes the conceptual framework for Crony Capitalism.

Crony Capitalism in America

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