NYT vs. Int’l Media on Shooting of Ukrainian Soldier in Crimea

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The New York Times building in New York City (Haxorjoe/Wikimedia Commons)

How the New York Times reported the shooting of a Ukrainian solider in Crimea compared to what we can learn about it from the international media.

How the New York Times reported the shooting of a Ukrainian solider in Crimea:

Only hours after Mr. Putin declared that “not a single shot” had been fired in the military intervention in Crimea, a group of soldiers opened fire as they stormed a Ukrainian military mapping office near Simferopol, killing a Ukrainian soldier and wounding another, according to a Ukrainian officer inside the base and a statement by Ukraine’s Defense Ministry.

The base appeared to be under the control of the attacking soldiers, who like most of the Russians in Crimea wore no insignia, and the ministry said that Ukrainian forces in Crimea were now authorized to use force to defend themselves.

So, Russian soldiers shot and killed a Ukrainian soldier, right? By contrast, here is what we learn from the Israeli daily Haaretz (in a piece compiled from Reuters and Deutsche Presse-Agentur reports): 

Earlier, a military spokesman said a Ukrainian officer was killed in a shooting at a military facility on the outskirts of the Crimean capital Simferopol, but it was unclear who was behind the incident.

There was no immediate evidence that Russian soldiers were involved in Tuesday’s incident, witnesses said, and there are contradictory accounts about the identity of the victim, with Ukrainian media claiming he is a Ukrainian soldier, and pro-Russian sources saying he is a member of the local “self defence forces.”

It was not possible to see far into the compound, because streets leading to it had been blocked by so-called “self-defense” units of pro-Russian volunteers who have been patrolling the streets of Crimea in the run-up to the referendum.

… Pro-Russian nationalists have been seen gathering outside Ukrainian military bases on several occasions this month, demanding that Ukrainian soldiers leave and hand over control to Russian forces.

The fact that the road blocks outside the facility in Simferopol were staffed by “self-defense” units suggested it was they who were involved in the incident rather than Russian forces.

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  1. germanicus24

    A pro-US soldier dies in Crimea: it’s a deliberate act of war by Russia. Scores of Yanukovych security forces are killed by snipers hired with NED money: it’s a beautiful revolution.


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