On Libertarianism and the Jews’ 2,000 Year Old Claim to Palestine, Part III

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Rafi Farber admits he can't prove his claim Jews own Palestine based on a 2,000-year claim.

Rafi Farber admits on Twitter that he can't prove his contention that Jews own all of Palestine based on a 2,000-year land claim is true.

So if you’ve been following my debate with Rafi Farber, you know he argues that the rightful owners of Palestine are the Jews based on a land ownership claiming dating back 2,000 years. This is the proposition we debated on the Tom Woods Show recently. The debate has continued afterward in the blogosphere and on Twitter. In one such conversation, he acknowledges that he can’t prove is claim is true.

Here are previous rounds of our duel in case you missed them:

Returning to our Twitter debate, here’s what you need to know:

  1. The conversation starts with reference to our debate on Tom’s show.
  2. At one point during that show, Rafi agreed Palestinian refugees could return to their homeland if they were actually descended from Jews. In other words, he rejects their right to return since they aren’t Jews. (He denies this in one of his tweets, but I’ll give you the quote below).

So here it is:

As promised, here are his exact words: he said Palestinian refugees’ land “should be returned, provided that they submit to a genetic test that they are descended from Jews. Otherwise they can’t stay.”

Time stamp (see here for the audio): about 49:35 to about 49:45

So here it is:

And I rest my case.

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  1. Javed Mir

    Palestinian case being well defended – hopefully now final borders be delineated under the two state solution.


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