NYT Still Touting Debunked Claim Russia Tried Hacking Election Systems

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Better watch out! Putin's coming to get you! (Photo: Jedimentat44/CC BY 2.0)

The New York Times is just getting over-the-top ridiculous with its ceaseless stream of evidence-less stories about Russian "hacking" of the US election.

Here’s the New York Times on October 4, in an article titled “Senate Intelligence Heads Warn That Russian Election Meddling Continues“:

Mr. Burr was also unequivocal in saying that the integrity of the vote itself had been preserved, despite Russian attempts to test the vulnerabilities of 21 state election systems.

No context necessary; just note how the Times asserts as fact that Russia attempted to hack 21 state election systems.

Never mind that that story fell apart last month.

Read Glen Greenwald’s “Yet Another Major Russia Story Falls Apart. Is Skepticism Permissible Yet?” at The Intercept.

Also my report “New York Times Propagates Russia Hacking Conspiracy Theory“.

Tell a lie often enough, it becomes truth, right? The Times sure seems to think so.

You’d think they would have learned something from that whole Iraq WMD debacle. Sigh.

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