How the Russia “Election Hacking” Propaganda Threatens Our Liberty

Congress members want Facebook and Twitter to censor information like that which exposes their propaganda about Russia "hacking" the election.

About a month ago, on October 1, I was having a private discussion that turned to the subject of Russia’s alleged “hacking” of he US election. I pointed out that there’s no evidence this happened, and there was some resistance on that point, but I had this article of mine demonstrating my point about how the media is participating in a propaganda campaign:

New York Times Propagates Russia Hacking Conspiracy Theory

So the next argument I heard was that it doesn’t matter whether Russia “hacked the election” or not since Trump poses a threat to our liberty. I replied:

It does matter that the deep state is waging a propaganda campaign against the American people precisely because it represents a serious threat to out liberty (e.g., they’ve got the public whipped up in a frenzy of hatred, including anger toward Facebook and Twitter, which the security/intelligence complex will likely use to coerce these companies to allow them a back door to their data on every user), not to mention the survival of our species with the escalated threat of military conflict with Russia.

Well, yesterday GlobalResearch published an article by Andre Damon on how Congress members are attempting to pressure Facebook and Twitter to censor information such as the kind that exposes their propaganda for what it is. The summary description:

Wednesday’s hearings by the House and Senate Intelligence committees on “extremist” political views served as the occasion for members of Congress to urge technology companies to flagrantly violate the US Constitution by censoring political speech, carrying out mass surveillance, and muzzling journalists in pursuit of the government’s geopolitical aims.

It’s worth a read:

Lawmakers Demand Tech Companies Censor Journalists and Conduct Mass Surveillance

So the threat to our liberty I was warning about is coming into clear view now. Relatedly, there is also a bill in the Congress that would criminalize participating in a boycott against products made in Israeli settlements illegally established in occupied Palestine. Read Ramzy Baroud’s report about it in Foreign Policy Journal:

‘The Palestine Exception’: War on BDS is now a War on American Democracy

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