How Trump’s Embassy Move Opens an Opportunity to End the Occupation of Palestine

In this interview with Press TV, I explain why Trump moving the US embassy to Jerusalem actually presents an opportunity to move forward toward a just peace, why US policy is so overtly prejudicial toward Palestinians rights, and what the major obstacles are that remain to be overcome.

Last week, I posted about an interview I gave to Press TV, and how the video they produced from my interview so grossly distorted my message that it communicated the literal opposite of what I’d actually said.

I confronted Press TV about it, and they decided to delete that video and release a new one of my full interview. Watch it above! I talk about:

  • How Trump moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, despite being illegal and greatly prejudicing the rights of the Palestinians, actually opens up an opportunity to end the occupation regime.
  • How the over-exaggeration of the external influence of “the Israel lobby” serves to obfuscate the even more pervasive influence of Christian Zionism that is so deeply ingrained within American society.
  • How the Arab states not only don’t stand up for Palestinians’ rights, but betray them.
  • How governments aren’t going to get the job done, and it is up to us to effect the paradigm shift necessary for a just peace to be realized.
  • How one main obstacle standing in the way of Palestinians realizing their aspirations is their own leadership, given the PA’s role under the Oslo Accords as Israel’s collaborator in enforcing its occupation regime, as well as the lack of unity between Hamas and Fatah, which is a consequence of Israel and the US employing a “divide and conquer” strategy effectively.

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