LISTEN: What the Public Isn’t Being Told about Vaccines

In this interview with Sallie Elkordy of The Mary and Sallie Show, I illuminate numerous concerns about vaccines that the public isn't being informed about.

I had a discussion today with Sallie Elkordy of The Mary and Sallie Show radio program about numerous issues related to the practice of vaccination that the public just isn’t being informed about. I talked about the H. Influenzae type b (Hib) vaccine increasing the risk of disease in the elderly; the need to take into consideration the opportunity costs of vaccination; how government intervention into the market has corrupted science by creating an institutionalized bias favoring public vaccine policy; how the government has granted the vaccine industry legal immunity against injury lawsuits; what science really has to say about the influenza vaccine (as compared to what we’re told by the CDC and mainstream media); how studies show that the diptheria, tetanus, and whole cell pertussis (DTP) vaccine increases the risk of childhood death; and much more. Have a listen by clicking the play button in the media player above!

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