LISTEN: What the Public Isn’t Being Told about Vaccines

In this interview with Sallie Elkordy of The Mary and Sallie Show, I illuminate numerous concerns about vaccines that the public isn't being informed about.

I had a discussion today with Sallie Elkordy of The Mary and Sallie Show radio program about numerous issues related to the practice of vaccination that the public just isn’t being informed about. I talked about the H. Influenzae type b (Hib) vaccine increasing the risk of disease in the elderly; the need to take into consideration the opportunity costs of vaccination; how government intervention into the market has corrupted science by creating an institutionalized bias favoring public vaccine policy; how the government has granted the vaccine industry legal immunity against injury lawsuits; what science really has to say about the influenza vaccine (as compared to what we’re told by the CDC and mainstream media); how studies show that the diptheria, tetanus, and whole cell pertussis (DTP) vaccine increases the risk of childhood death; and much more. Have a listen by clicking the play button in the media player above!

The government perpetually lies to the public about important issues. The mainstream media dutifully serve to manufacture consent for criminal policies.

I free people’s minds by exposing state propaganda intended to keep them in servitude to the politically and financially powerful. My writings empower readers with the knowledge to see through the deceptions and fight for a better future, for ourselves, our children, and future generations of humanity.

I’m an independent political analyst, journalist, publisher and editor of Foreign Policy Journal, and author of several books. I’m also a coach who helps writers communicate their ideas more effectively to make a greater positive impact.

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