Top US Health Officials Lie that Vaccines Don’t Contain Toxic Chemicals

Instead of seriously addressing parents' legitimate concerns, public health officials blatantly lie that "vaccines do not contain toxic chemicals".

In a New York Times opinion piece published on March 6, 2019, three top public health officials blatantly lied to the public about vaccine safety. The article was given the Orwellian title “This Is the Truth About Vaccines” and was written by Brett P. Giroir, the assistant secretary for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Robert R. Redfield, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and Jerome M. Adams, the surgeon general. Much more could be said about their deceptiveness and unwillingness to engage in a reasoned discourse about public vaccine policy, but to demonstrate how the public is systematically lied to, one need look no further than the following statement they write in their article:

But misinformation about vaccines is still widely reported, so we feel it is crucial to state clearly and unambiguously: Vaccines do not cause autism and they do not contain toxic chemicals.

The CDC director took to Twitter to repeat these claims:

It is extraordinarily hypocritical for the public health officials to accuse others of spreading “misinformation” about vaccines while themselves so blatantly lying.

Vaccines, they claim, “do not contain toxic chemicals.”

But until the decision to remove it from most childhood vaccines was made in 1999, many vaccines on the CDC’s routine childhood schedule contained a preservative called thimerosal, which by weight is half ethylmercury, a known neurotoxin. Thimerosal is still used today in multi-dose vials of influenza vaccine, which the CDC recommends for pregnant women and children as young as six months. Other vaccines may still contain “trace amounts” of mercury from the manufacturing process.

The CDC claims that ethylmercury is “very safe” to inject into pregnant women and infants. To support this claim, the CDC cites a 2004 report of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) that in fact acknowledges that ethylmercury is a “known neurotoxin”, that some of the mercury from vaccines “accumulates in the brain”, and that it “can injure the nervous system.”

In fact, the reasons the decision was made to remove thimerosal from most vaccines were because: 1) it was economically viable for the vaccine manufacturers to do so; and 2) it had become known that, as the CDC continually added more thimerosal-containing vaccine doses to the schedule, no government agency ever bothered to calculate the cumulative levels of mercury that children were being exposed to, and when the FDA finally got around to doing so, it determined that the levels exceeded the safety guidelines determined by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

As researchers from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stated in a paper published in the journal Pediatrics the following year, “neurotoxicity may … occur at low doses of thimerosal”, and “we cannot exclude the possibility of subtle neurodevelopmental abnormalities from the cumulative exposure to thimerosal in vaccines.”

The CDC cites that paper, too, in a vain effort to support its claim that injecting ethylmercury into pregnant women and infants is “very safe”.

To further illustrate how the CDC misrepresents the science, a third study the agency cites to support its claim was published in Environmental Health Perspectives in 2005, which actually confirmed that ethylmercury from vaccines accumulates in the brain, where it breaks down into inorganic mercury. Far from concluding that it was safe to inject into pregnant women and infants, the authors noted that inorganic mercury in the brain has been “associated with a significant increase in the number of microglia in the brain” and that “‘an active neuroinflammatory process’ has been demonstrated in brains of autistic patients, including a marked activation of microglia.”

They expressed alarm that ethylmercury “has been (and will continue to be) injected into millions of newborns and infants” and concluded that more research into the neurotoxic potential of thimerosal and its breakdown product ethylmercury was “urgently needed” to be able to draw any meaningful conclusions about “the potential developmental effects of immunization with thimerosal-containing vaccines in newborns and infants.”

So, as you can see, the CDC blatantly lies about what the science tells us in order to support its policies.

The same is true for aluminum, another known neurotoxin that is used in vaccines as an “adjuvant”, the purpose of which is to provoke a stronger immune response.

As with ethylmercury, that the aluminum used in vaccines is neurotoxic isn’t even the least bit controversial. Even studies by scientists whose conclusions favor the CDC’s vaccine recommendations acknowledge its toxicity. For example, the authors of a study published in the journal Vaccine in August 2018, who concluded that aluminum should continue to be used as an adjuvant in vaccines, also acknowledged that “studies have clearly shown that Al [aluminum] is toxic, especially for the central nervous system”. It further acknowledges that “no population-based studies regarding the potential association between the Al in vaccines and the development of neurotoxicity have been conducted”. They further conceded that “definitive conclusions” about the potential harms to children from vaccines “cannot be drawn” and that further studies are required to be able to do so.

To support its claim that the aluminum in vaccines is “safe”, the CDC asserts on its website that it “is not readily absorbed by the body”. But that is not a truthful statement. In fact, the key study that the CDC relies on to support this claim, conducted by FDA researchers and published in the journal Vaccine in 2011, acknowledges that aluminum particles from vaccines are taken up by immune cells known as macrophages, which can transport the aluminum into the brain; that “aluminum accumulates in the brain”; and that by four weeks after vaccination “only a fraction” of the aluminum will have been absorbed into the blood, from where it can then be readily eliminated from the body through the urine.

So, as you can see, what public health officials say the science says about vaccines and what the science actually tells us are two completely different things. The CDC’s claims about the safety of injecting known neurotoxins into pregnant women and infants are contradicted by its own sources.

When the HHS, CDC, and surgeon general tell the public that vaccines “do not contain toxic chemicals”, they are blatantly lying. And all they are accomplishing by blatantly lying to parents is demonstrating that they have zero interest in substantively and seriously addressing the legitimate concerns that parents have about vaccinating their children today according to the CDC’s schedule.

All they are accomplishing by so blatantly lying to the public is that they are more concerned with preserving their existing one-size-fits-all public vaccine policy than in bettering societal health and, furthermore, that they cannot be trusted to safeguard the health of our children.

This is why they have increasingly resorted to trying to censor any information about vaccines that isn’t compatible with public vaccine policy and more strictly enforcing vaccine mandates at the state level. They know that the science is not on their side. They know that they cannot argue the facts. So they resort to government force to achieve their aims.

And, of course, when the government blatantly lies about what the science says, the mainstream media follow suit, such as a New York Times editorial last month repeating the same falsehood that the mercury and aluminum in vaccines “are not toxic”. For a thorough debunking of the loads of misinformation contained in that article, see my rejoinder “How to Immunize Yourself Against Vaccine Propaganda“.

There is a serious discussion to be had about vaccines. It’s past time public health officials and the major media started having it instead of routinely and systematically lying to parents about the safety and effectiveness of vaccinating children according to the CDC’s recommendations.

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