Interview: The Increasing Authoritarianism of Public Vaccine Policy

I illuminate how the public is being lied to about vaccine safety and effectiveness and how public vaccine policy violates the right to informed consent.

Last week, I had a great discussion about vaccines with Adam Crazz, reaching his Australian audience on his podcast The Crazz Files. We covered a very broad range of issues, highlighting just how unserious the mainstream media’s reporting is on this critically important subject, how the public is being systematically lied to about vaccines by the government, how the media are serving the state by doing public policy advocacy rather than journalism, and how governments are becoming increasingly authoritarian in their efforts to enforce compliance with vaccine mandates.

We talk about measles, chicken pox, mumps, pertussis (whooping cough), influenza; differences between naturally acquired and vaccine-conferred immunity; unintended consequences of vaccination and the myopia of the medical establishment; the corruption of the science by industry and government funding; how the US government has shifted the financial burden for vaccine injuries away from the pharmaceutical corporations and onto the taxpaying consumers; how vaccines are designed to permanently affect how a child’s immune system develops and functions, yet it’s practically considered heresy to inquire whether this could possibly have something to do with the alarming increases in chronic diseases among children associated with immune dysfunction; and a whole lot more.

So be sure to scroll up and click the play button to half a listen!

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