How the CDC and Media Lie about the Measles Death Rate

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The claim that measles kills 1 in 1,000 is false. Before the vaccine, it was 1 in 10,000. And vaccination has actually increased the case fatality rate.

When reporting on measles outbreaks in the US, the mainstream media routinely tell the public that the death rate from viral infection is 1 in 1,000. The source for this regularly repeated claim is the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which does indeed state on its website that “For every 1,000 children who get measles, one or two will die from it.” But that is a blatant and deliberate lie.

Although the media don’t tell you this, most of the decline in measles mortality seen during the 20th century occurred before the vaccine was introduced in 1963 and was due to an increasing standard of living, including better nutrition. By the time the vaccine came into use, measles deaths had become relatively rare, averaging about 500 per year.

Although the mortality rate had declined dramatically prior to the vaccine, the incidence of measles remained fairly steady. Almost everyone had been infected by the time they reached adulthood, resulting in long-lasting immunity. Furthermore, because the virus was still circulating, re-exposures provided a natural boosting, such that having measles during childhood typically conferred a robust immunity that was lifelong in duration.

Every year, an estimated 3 million to 4 million people were infected with measles. However, most cases were benign and not reported. The number of reported cases annually was about 500,000.

That’s where the “1 in 1,000” figure comes from. It’s the number of deaths per reported cases. The CDC, of course, knows full well that most cases were not reported and that the actual fatality rate was 0.1 in 1,000. As the Institute of Medicine (IOM) observed in a 1994 report, it was actually “1 per 10,000 cases”.

Hence, when the media lazily repeat the CDC’s lie, they are overstating the measles death rate by an order of magnitude.

The purpose of this deception, of course, is to frighten parents into vaccinating their children. But another fact that neither public health officials nor the media will tell you is that mass vaccination has actually shifted the risk burden in the event of exposure onto those who are at greatest risk for potentially deadly complications.

This is due to what’s described in the medical literature as “vaccine failure”, which is yet another fact to the media refuse to inform the public about.

In a certain percentage of children, the vaccine will just fail to work. It won’t stimulate the production of a protective level of antibodies. This is known as “primary vaccine failure”.

Unlike the immunity acquired through exposure during the pre-vaccine era, the vaccine-conferred immunity also wanes over time. This is called “secondary vaccine failure”.

While measles is typically a benign illness in children (in developed countries like the US), adults and infants are more likely to experience complications that might result in permanent harm or even death. Due to waning immunity and the loss of natural boosting from reexposure, a greater proportion of measles cases today occur in these vulnerable age groups.

The reason infants are at higher risk today in the event of exposure is because women today are not as well able to confer maternal passive immunity to their infants as mothers of the pre-vaccine era. The lost opportunities to gain the superior immunity conferred by infection and natural boosting through reexposures means that women today don’t pass on as many protective antibodies prenatally through the placenta or postnatally through breastmilk, leaving babies more vulnerable.

By 1990, mass vaccination had caused the death rate to rise to 3.2 per 1,000 reported cases.

According to a public database on the CDC’s website, for the years 1999 through 2017, there were 12 measles deaths reported: 2 cases in infants under one year old, 2 in children aged one to four, and the rest—two-thirds of the total—were in adults aged twenty-five and up.

During the same period of time, there were 2,393 reported measles cases, an average of 126 per year (with great variation annually and a peak of 667 in 2014).

That’s a fatality rate of 5 per 1,000 reported cases, reflecting the shift in risk burden caused by mass vaccination onto the members of society for whom measles is more dangerous.

Another claim routinely propagated by the media is that the population needs to maintain a vaccination rate of 95 percent in order to provide “herd immunity” by preventing outbreaks. But this theory is false. It ignores the reality of vaccine failure, due to which mass vaccination cannot stop outbreaks from happening. As Gregory Poland and Robert Jacobson acknowledged in a 1994 paper published in Archives of Internal Medicine, “outbreaks can continue to occur unless the vaccine is virtually 100% effective and virtually 100% of the population is immunized.”

Because some people cannot be vaccinated, because the vaccine fails to confer immunity in an estimated 2 percent to 10 percent of children, and because the vaccine-conferred immunity wanes over time, the vaccine is incapable of conferring the theorized “herd immunity”. Outbreaks can occur (and have occurred) even in populations where the vaccination rate exceeds 95 percent.

And in the event of exposure during an outbreak, due to mass vaccination, adults and infants are at higher risk.

For fuller details and full documentation (with links to primary sources), read my article for Children’s Health Defense, “CDC Lies About, and Media Repeats, Risk of Dying from Measles”.

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About Jeremy R. Hammond

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  1. codetalker

    Its all BS, we know that. They are playing to their audience with the help of MSM surrogates. This is all about Healthy People 2020 and their goal to increase profits. Merck has already profited from the fake Red Scare. They have done research and they know that the majority of the people who read online only read the headline and 1-2 paragraphs if they aren’t too long. Every lie is packed into those 1-2 paragraphs. If you read many of the articles, especially on the Daily Mail they write a little and repeatedly post the CDC/WHO mythology with a pic of Dr. Wakefield. Talk about lazy journalism.

    People are so outraged and call me nuts or say I should be stopped from posting because I am dangerous when I tell them a 1,000 cases of measles in nothing to worry about. Yea, dangerous to their cognitive dissonance. When I direct them to the CDC National Vital Statics Reports and tell them to walk it through, I never hear back from them.

    Here’s something interesting:
    Tucked away in the corner of a newspaper clipping from USA Today’s LIFE section, uneventful measles reporting from September 1988 stated the CDC received 3,665 reports in 1987. The snippet went on to state that “Nearly three-forths of the cases were patients, mostly children, who’d been vaccinated but got the measles anyway.”

    Another local newspaper report from 1963, the year the measles vaccine became available, was titled “Health Chats” and writes, “An attack of the measles usually confers lifelong immunity…uncomplicated measles is rarely fatal and complete recovery from this disease is the rule.” The article goes on to say “Chiropractic is very effective at treating the complicated cases of measles.”,218631.

    Where is the MSM and medical community pants on fire hysteria in these newspapers? I spent about 35 minutes on various search engines looking for the MSM/WHO/Medical Cartel articles that are similar to the ones that are being posted several times a day across the web and you know what? I didn’t find anything that was elevated to the level of the Red Scare that is being perpetuated on the country. I must have looked at dozens of archived newspapers and most said nothing about the 1988 outbreak.

  2. Rtp

    Even the 1 in 10,000 figure is too high. The reality is that we have zero idea how many people in history have died from a rash which in turn was caused by a measles virus (if any). It is not like people in 1920 were observing measles viruses enter people’s bodies, cause a rash and then cause death. They can’t do that now, let alone before the measles vaccine. If someone had a rash and they died then doctors assumed the virus (which they assumed caused the rash) must have caused the death.

    They made it all up then and they make it all up now. We know when someone is vaccinated so if someone dies or is injured soon after a vaccine we have a good reason to blame the vaccine for said injury. We have no idea when a measles virus first jumps into someone’s body (assuming it wasn’t there all along) so we have no good reason to ever blame a measles virus for death/injury.

    The other assumption is that measles is contagious. But it isn’t. How could any disease be contagious? If diseases were spread from person to person nobody in history would ever voluntarily choose to be a doctor.

    The reason diseases appear to spread is because they have a cause that can be shared (emotional trauma and poisoning) but not transmitted. That is why siblings can simultaneously experience chicken pox or measles but doctors don’t pick up every “bug” that they come into contact with.

  3. Mark Troy

    As an Australian journalist I have given up trying to provide an alternative to the public advocacy line foisted upon us about viral death rates. For example I could only find a couple of measles deaths a year in Australia prior to vaccination but now the official line is hundreds.

    When it comes to flu deaths, the Aust. Bureau of statistics lists about 2,000 a year but no one mentions the median age of death is 89. The virus is known in nursing homes as “the old mans’s friend”, a form of natural euthanasia where a peaceful death in their sleep is often reported.

    The flu vaccine is promoted relentlessly here for all ages with a scare campaign that was unthinkable just a few years ago.The average adult gets the flu once every 10 years … children more often. This though is a good thing as the virus is actually synchronizing our human virome and microbiome for life on a planet ruled by microbes.

    Influenza virus is absolutely amazing in its ability to change and spread. Rather than a burden, it should be seen as a wise contract tutor or coach of our immune system, identifying and destroying malignant cells and helping us avoid far more deadly illnesses..

  4. Amy Beard

    I was forced to get the influenza vaccine and it made me very ill for 3 days after I received it–stabbing headache, stabbing abdominal pain, vomiting, body aches, severe fatigue. I was NEVER febrile. Two weeks post vaccination I woke up during the night with a heart rate of ~160 bpm. I had labs drawn the next morning which showed a TSH of 5. I had never had issues with my thyroid. I started asking my patients about issues post flu vaccine and was astonished at what I heard. Many of my patients had experienced the following s/s: acute hypothyroidism, a-fib and other arrhythmias, Guillaine-barre, exacerbations of autoimmune conditions, severe fatigue, behavioral problems. These issues developed ~ 2-3 weeks post vaccine. Attempts at educating the public has been met with irrational anger. I no longer go out of my way to discuss vaccine safety and efficacy. However, if people ask I have no problem telling them how I feel along with my personal and professional experiences with the flu vaccine (and others). Even though I see people waking up to the vaccine propaganda, it certainly isn’t at the rate needed to overcome the all-out MSM campaigns. Which is extremely frustrating. I appreciate your work, Mr. Hammond. Thank you very much.

  5. Concerned Citizen

    It’s great to read so many “qualified experts” writing about the dangers of vaccines. The fact of the matter is that child mortality rates have decreased and life expectancy increased DRAMATICALLY in developed countries over the last 200 years – and vaccinations play a good part in that. In addition the scare tactics, which you accuse the government and health companies of using, are exactly what you use in your ill-fated crusade.

    I have not seen a single report from a reputable source that would substantiate skipping any of the major vaccines during a child’s vaccination program. Are you going to tell me that all reputable outlets are under the government’s thumb?

    • Jeremy R. Hammond

      In addition the scare tactics, which you accuse the government and health companies of using, are exactly what you use in your ill-fated crusade.

      It appears you have put zero thought into your criticism, as evidenced by the fact that you leveled this accusation of hypocrisy at me despite no attempt whatsoever to substantiate it by identifying any factual or logical errors in what I wrote, as I have done in the article with respect to the fearmongering demonstrably used by the government to scare parents into vaccinating.

      I have not seen a single report from a reputable source that would substantiate skipping any of the major vaccines during a child’s vaccination program. Are you going to tell me that all reputable outlets are under the government’s thumb?

      I am telling you that the media demonstrably lie about vaccine safety to manufacture consent for public vaccine policy, including by falsely claiming that the safety of the CDC’s routine childhood vaccine schedule as been scientifically demonstrated.

  6. Mary

    Vaccines ARE dangerous. In most cases, more dangerous than the diseases supposedly being prevented (HAH!).


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