15 Facts about Measles the Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You

Here are 15 facts about measles that you wouldn't know unless you did your own research because the government and mainstream media won't inform you.

The mainstream corporate media have been in hysteria mode about measles, as have federal, state, county, and municipal governments. Every article you read essentially reiterates the same talking points: measles is a deadly disease, the vaccine is very effective and very safe, and “anti-vaxxers” are a threat to society because they are so dangerously ignorant about the science.

Yet parents doing their own research are well aware of how simplistic and downright deceptive the mainstream narrative is. The media refuse to even scratch the surface of the subject and engage in public policy advocacy — i.e., propaganda — rather than properly educating the public about what science actually tells us.

So here are 15 scientific facts about measles and the measles vaccine that you aren’t being told by the government or mainstream media:

1. Measles mortality in the US had already plummeted before the vaccine was introduced due to an increasing standard of living.

2. Among the known risk factors for measles complications is malnutrition, including vitamin A deficiency. The World Health Organization (WHO) actually uses high dose vitamin A as a treatment for measles in developing countries.

3. The routine claim you hear in the media that measles in the US kills 1 person for every 1,000 infected is a deliberate lie told by the CDC. The true number was more like 1 in 10,000 before the vaccine.

4. Mass vaccination has actually increased the case fatality rate by shifting the risk burden away from children, in whom it’s generally a benign disease, and onto those at higher risk: infants and adults.

5. Two words you’ll never read in a mainstream media article about measles are “vaccine failure”. It’s an acknowledged fact in the scientific literature that despite a very high vaccination rate — above the 95% or so supposedly required to sustain vaccine-conferred “herd immunity” — outbreaks of measles can still occur due to vaccine failure.

6. “Primary vaccine failure” occurs when the vaccine fails to provoke a protective level of antibodies. The vaccine simply fails to work in anywhere from 2 to 10 percent of people.

7. “Secondary vaccine failure” occurs when the immunity conferred by the vaccine wanes over time.

8. While the vaccine is designed to stimulate production of antibodies, antibodies are neither always sufficient nor even necessary for the development of immunity.

9. Natural infection with measles conferred a robust cell-mediated immunity in addition to humoral, or antibody, immunity. In addition, frequent reexposure served to naturally boost immunity so that typically people only had measles once and then were immune for life.

10. The inferiority of vaccine-conferred immunity, loss of natural natural boosting, and the phenomenon of vaccine failure are why adults today are at greater risk in the event of exposure.

11. Infants are also at greater risk due to mothers’ decreased ability to confer passive immunity to their babies prenatally through the placenta and postnatally through breastmilk.

12. Parents in the US today face a choice between deliberately putting their child at a largely unknown risk of harm from the vaccine and the near zero risk that their child will get infected, much less die from or be permanently harmed, by the measles virus. (Note that the media will describe the vaccine as a “victim of its own success” but never draw the logical corollary of how at some point the risk from the vaccine does become greater than the risk from the virus.)

13. Natural infection with measles during childhood has been associated with a reduced risk of much more serious diseases later in life, including degenerative bone disease, certain tumors, Parkinson’s disease, allergic disease, chronic lymphoid leukemia, both non-Hodgkin lymphoma and Hodgkin lymphoma, and cardiovascular disease. Government officials do not consider opportunity costs such as these when formulating public vaccine policy.

14. Merck, the manufacturer of the measles vaccine, cannot be sued for vaccine injuries because pharmaceutical corporations that make vaccines routinely recommended for use in children have been given near total legal immunity by the government.

15. Measles vaccine mandates are a gross violation of the individual right to informed consent.

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