Why You Won’t Find Truthful Articles about Vaccines in the L.A. Times

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Don’t expect honest reporting about vaccines from the Los Angeles Times since it’s now essentially an owned asset of the pharmaceutical industry.

Yesterday, I posted about how the Los Angeles Times has implicitly advocated forcible vaccination by describing homeschooling as a “loophole” to the California law that effectively eliminated the parental right to choose whether to vaccinate their children, provided that the parents wish their children to receive a public education.

After I sent that out in my email newsletter, a reader replied to inform me about something that helps to explain why this major newspaper is joining the government in an all-out assault on our right to informed consent.

Without exception, when it comes to the practice of vaccination, all of the major corporate media in the US do policy advocacy rather than journalism. They all serve the function of manufacturing consent for public vaccine policy by systematically deceiving the public about what science tells us about the safety and effectiveness of these pharmaceutical products. But openly advocating coercive vaccination goes a step further.

As I’ve just learned, when it comes to reporting on vaccines, the L.A. Times has a serious conflict of interest. In June 2018, the L.A. Times and the San Diego Union-Tribune were purchased for half a billion dollars by Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong. As the L.A. Times reported last year when that acquisition occurred:

Soon-Shiong, a 65-year-old South African native and former UCLA surgeon, has amassed a fortune, estimated by Forbes at $7.5 billion, by building, then selling, two biopharmaceutical companies. Since then, he has been on a mission to personalize cancer treatment and develop vaccinations for deadly diseases.

So the capital used by the L.A. Times‘ owner to acquire the newspaper derived from profits made on the sales of pharmaceutical products, and this Big Pharma billionaire is on a self-declared mission to develop even more vaccines.

In other words, the L.A. Times has essentially become a wholly owned asset of the pharmaceutical industry.

Little wonder, then, that we find the L.A. Times describing homeschooling as a “loophole” to a law intended to even more aggressively coerce parents into strict compliance with the CDC’s routine childhood vaccine schedule.

With no shortage of irony, in an open letter Soon-Shiong wrote to L.A. Times readers, he said:

I believe that fake news is the cancer of our times and social media the vehicles for metastasis. Institutions like The Times and the Union-Tribune are more vital than ever. They must be bastions of editorial integrity and independence if they are to protect our democracy and provide an antidote to disinformation.

Of course, these newspapers cannot be bastions of integrity and independence while at the same time being owned by a man who made his billions in the pharmaceutical industry and who is on a mission to increase the number of vaccines on the market.

It certainly doesn’t hurt the industry’s profits to have federal and state governments implementing policies that eliminate consumer choice by mandating the use of their products.

So you can certainly continue to expect that the L.A. Times‘ criteria for what constitutes “fake news” will include any scientifically accurate information about vaccines that doesn’t accord with the dogma that these pharmaceutical products are “safe and effective”.

For more information about how the major media corporations are serving the government and pharmaceutical industry by misinforming the public to manufacture consent for public vaccine policy, and how these entities have been collaborating to deceive and to outright censor any information about vaccines that might lead parents to conclude that strictly complying with the CDC’s schedule isn’t in their child’s best interests, read the rebuttal letters sent by Children’s Health Defense to the CEOs of Facebook, Google, and Amazon (whose owner also owns the Washington Post, which brazenly and willfully lies to readers about vaccine safety).

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Download my free report 5 Horrifying Facts about the FDA Vaccine Approval Process.

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  1. John Vieira

    “Bastions of editorial integrity”….heaven help us…hypocrisy rules !!!

  2. joshsdad

    They ought to change their newspaper to Orwellian Times.


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