SARS-CoV-2 Response: Imperial College Model and Lockdown Endgame

by Apr 17, 2020Health & Vaccines, Liberty & Economy4 comments

Ashton Webb building, part of Imperial College London, Great Britain (Photo by Chmee2/Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0)

The influential Imperial College model governments have used to justify economic shutdown shows that lockdown only delays and worsens the problem long-term.

The influential Imperial College model that’s been used by governments to justify economic shutdown shows that extreme lockdown policies don’t solve the problem. Instead, according to their own projections, this only delays and worsens the problem in the long run by preventing the development of herd immunity.

Politicians advocating extreme lockdown have no exit strategy apart from faith that a safe and effective vaccine can be developed and distributed globally. This faith-based policy is driving masses of people toward financial ruin, which will also come at a cost in health and lives. Moreover, they are preventing the development of population immunity, which is precisely what will save the most lives at the least cost in the long run.

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About Jeremy R. Hammond

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Download my free report 5 Horrifying Facts about the FDA Vaccine Approval Process.

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  1. Melissa Mason

    Excellent Work Jeremy. Love the video format.

  2. Andrew Zeiler

    How does herd immunity develop? Does it require a “sacrifice population?” How do people stay safe with uncontrolled exposure to symptomatic individuals. This seems like a bit of a gamble. Perhaps this was explained in the video but I didn’t see it. To tell the truth I was having a hard time interpreting some of the graphs. They seemed simple and straight forward but I was missing something. I got your oral explanation just not so much the visual.

    • Jeremy R. Hammond

      Herd immunity develops once a certain proportion of the population is exposed and acquires immunity. I don’t understand your question about staying “safe”. Everyone must consider their own individual risk and do as they see fit given their own circumstances. You call this a “gamble”, but the existing lockdown measures are also a huge gamble.


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