Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Vaccines But the CDC Didn’t Tell You

Okay, not "everything". But I do what the mainstream media won't and scratch the surface for you, offering you a glimpse at some of the kinds of things we can learn from the medical literature that the CDC literally does not want you to know. (The agency considers "growing health literacy" to be a major problem.)

Well, okay, the title of this post is false. I don’t give you “everything” you ever wanted to know about vaccines but the CDC didn’t tell you in this interview with Mance Rayder of the Free Man Beyond the Wall podcast. It’s just a sliver, really. A mere glimpse.

But you’ll hear me do what mainstream media like the New York Times and Washington Post refuse to do. I scratch the surface for you, offering you a glimpse at some of the kinds of things we can learn from the medical literature that the CDC does not want you to know.

Unlike my tongue-in-cheek headline, that’s not hyperbole. The CDC really does not want you to educate yourself about vaccines. In fact, it considers “growing health literacy” to be an obstacle that the CDC as a government agency trying to maintain its policies must overcome.

You’ll hear me talk about that, about how the CDC’s act of adding a vaccine to its routine childhood schedule confers legal immunity to the vaccine manufacturer against vaccine injury, about how one vaccine many of us received in our childhood has been shown to increase childhood mortality, how the establishment media like the Times and Post blatantly lie to your faces, and so much more.

This is one interview you do not want to miss. Click the YouTube embed above to listen, or head on over to Free Man Beyond the Wall and listen there. While you’re there, subscribe to his show.

You’ll hear me refer a number of times to the multi-part influenza vaccine exposé I’m working on. Part II is coming very soon, but be sure to read Part I in the meantime. You’ll witness me smash a straight up propaganda piece written by Aaron Carroll in the New York Times by comparing what he says science says about the flu shot with what his own sources from the medical literature actually have to say. It’s both a fun and educational read, so be sure to consume this knowledge.

If you’re also interested in the Israel-Palestine conflict, you must also listen to my interview from last month with Mance, wherein I utterly demolish mainstream myths about the origins of the conflict and reasons for its persistence.

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