Tom Woods’ Liberty Classroom

Tom Woods’ Liberty Classroom is a great online resource for unlearning the propaganda we learned in the public school system. There are three membership levels offered:

  • Basic one year membership – $89
  • Basic Plus one year membership (Q&A forums and monthly live sessions access) – $119
  • Master lifetime membership – $497


Product Details

Tom Woods’ Liberty Classroom offers online courses in history, economics, political philosophy, and literature. As a member, you can watch online or download the video or audio files to watch or listen offline at your convenience. Here is the growing list of courses offered:

  • Western Civilization to 1500
  • Western Civilization Since 1500
  • Mythology and Western Civilization
  • Latin American History
  • U.S. History To 1877
  • U.S. History Since 1877
  • U.S. Constitutional History
  • The American Revolution: A Constitutional Conflict
  • The Early Republic, 1807-1820
  • How Hamilton Screwed Up America
  • The Jefferson Nobody Knows
  • The Presidents: Best and Worst
  • History of Political Thought, Part I
  • History of Political Thought, Part II
  • Conservativism and Libertarianism
  • How Freedom Settled the West
  • Little Houses of Liberty: Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Literary Genius
  • Sci Fi, Liberty, and Dystopia, Part I
  • Sci Fi, Liberty, and Dystopia, Part II
  • Introduction to Logic
  • Austrian Economics, Step by Step
  • Keynes: Overview and Critique
  • What’s Wrong With Textbook Economics
  • History of Economic Thought, Part I
  • History of Economic Thought, Part II
  • American Economic History Part I
  • American Economic History, Part II

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